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Just Started Some New Habits?!

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Hello.. As I may have said is a previous post.. I am so new to the horse world, I have questions all the time.

I bought my horse from a friend of ours who I know rode him alot and would make him go through anything.

He does fairly well being by himself in the pasture. The neighbor horse can reach him over the fence and so can the cow. He does fine with that.

I have been riding him when I can which might not be everyday but I try every other day. I'm still nervous so I do not ride far from the barn..

But lately Cholo has been starting new habits.. I'm not sure if he is trying to see who is boss or what the deal might be?!

First, I had him tied with just a lead rope around his neck and had him in the same spot where he has been saddled up at lease 5 times previous. Well out of no where he just decided to pull back as hard as he could. I was able to calm him down but as soon as I would he would do it again. He did it like 3 times... So I untied him as soon as I got the chance. I saddled him and we rode fine.

Second, we tried to ride the other day and he just decided he wasn't going to go anymore. I couldn't get him to go forward at all.... I turned him in circles backed.. etc.. But nope he just didn't go... What could make him do that? it's the same trail he's always taken..

third, he has decided he doesn't want me to clean his hooves.. I have a terrible time doing it by myself.. But I've done it times before... It was after the farrier came out he started it..

I just feel like I have so many different things happening lol

Thanks so much for any and all advice...

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i think if you are still afraid to ride far, he smells that fear and tests you to see if you really mean it and to see if you are trully the boss. im no professional, but what hes doing sounds like a test. im thinking you need to take a break from riding and do lots of ground work with him. if you need some info, look up there are lots of ways of horsemanship. i use it with my horse and it works wonders!

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