An Arthritis Question- Woes I Guess?

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I posted something a bit ago about msm for my horse. He has arthritis in his knees.

He has worse arthritis in the left(radiographically)- He didn't want to bend it for hoof picking. But flexed lame on both. Both injected w/ HA and steroids in the spring for the 1st time. However his R knee was re injected w/ HA, no steroids in Sept because he was off on that leg. He has been sound and great to ride recently. I started him on regular adequan as well.

However the other day I noticed he was resistant to picking up his Left leg again- his original indication which was 'fixed' after the initial injection in May. He also appears to have more joint distention (fluid bubble) on the outside of his knee.

He has also stopped a few times jumping with me. Which is unusual for him. The stops did correspond to awkward distances, but now I'm not sure if it's pain or what. Also this horse has a flat jump and I haven't really jumped him consistently (like shown etc) in years. My other 2 horse have bouncy bascule jumps so his feels really awkward now and I can't decide if it's because he doesn't want to land hard or its just his jump I'm not used to.

At this point I just want him to be serviceably sound and he is watching him w/t/c around the ring. Maybe not as great a trot as he used to, but pretty good. I am sure he would flex lame and probably be less sound on pavement.

I want to add something anti-inflammatory for him. I am going to try giving him bute for a couple days then jumping him and see what he feels like. But I would like to avoid putting him on a 'daily' bute dose at this point for obvious reasons.

Here are my options (yes money does come into play!)

plain msm

msm + joint -like smartflex (little more $$)

herbal- devils claw etc.

Since I am already doing IM adequan, I don't think a 'joint' supplement is necessary (with gloucosamine etc etc. How do the herbs compare to msm? THANKS!! I love this horse and I just want him to be comfortable and happy to work for me. And sadly I don't know how many years he has left of riding use with this arthritis :(

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If the horse is that uncomfortable, I would strongly suggest you find a job that is better suited to his condition. Jumping is not particularly easy on a horse and he's obviously telling you he can't do it any more.

If he's getting Adequan already, there shouldn't be any need for oral supplementation. I can't say I've seen reliable results on MSM or herbals from one horse to the next. What works for some may not work for others.

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Yes I would be happy to retire him from jumping. But I am thinking that if he doesn't want to jump, that means that he probably still does have pain without jumping, even for flatwork.

He is still FULL of himself and will happily go galloping around. He is definitely not crippled and I want to avoid doing things that cause him more discomfort (like jogging on pavement) and maybe now jumping. Just trying to see if one of the non bute anti-inflammatory works better than another- for whatever he ends up being able to do-even non jumping

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I personally had all kinds of trouble with MSM. I used it on several horses with no results or bad results. My worse was a horse that stocked up on it even on 24/7 turn out. I took him off of it and he didn't stock up any more. He went on Corta-Flx daily and did wonders until we lost him. Another horse used it and she would get "sore" in the hocks so we injected her hocks and she would still be sore so I decieded to just "turn her out to pasture" and within 3 weeks she was sound again with nothing. Now I just give her some Corta-Flx when she comes in. I did give one horse Yucca on my old vet's advice but it has to be 100% human grade to be of use. Harder to find but suppose to work. Didn't keep that horse long enough to really find out. I like the newer Adequin IM when I have to use something but rather use a daily additive like Corta-Flx because it's a lot cheaper and I have seen great results with it. I have tried Cosequine and didn't see anything to brag about. Been through most of them with the first horse above. Corta_flx worked the best for me overall and I just didnt' like MSM.

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