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Lol no undersaddle pictures. They've both been taking turns getting lame from different things the past month or so. UGH!

At the last place we were at, right before we were planning on moving I find indy with a cuts and a fairly deep gash on his back left leg. Had to call the emergency vet, get it stitched and that's why the wraps. Illia a few days after Indy came in with cuts on her legs too. Had to be wrapped as well, then got a skin infection, got over that and got into a kicking match with another mare and now has to be wrapped again with antibiotics. She isn't being kept in because she gets mad and kicks and I don't need that for her leg, which happens to be the other back leg. Ugh. Strill treating Indy for proud flesh, but he can finally go out, mannn.

Needless to say I have a large amount of wrapping supplies handy now, just in case..

Here are just some random pictures, I can't wait until I can ride again. >.<



Everyone always confuses Indy for a mare lol.





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Wow. In the first photo, Illia looks *fantastic*. The best since you've had her, I think. And it's sooooo hard to believe that Indy's over a year old now ...he's getting to be such a handsome boy!

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