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December Photo Contest

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My 9 year old son on a 6 year old mare. I love this picture so much because my son was the only one who wanted to ride this mare. They tried to use her for lessons with adults but all of the adults thought she was too much horse. I leased her for my son for a few months before she was taken back home to be bred. He loved her dearly. He said he "knew where all of her buttons were." Although she was uppity with some of the adults, she took care of my son and he had some wonderful times on her. I really wish I could have bought her for him, but I couldn't afford another horse at the time. They just really seemed to click!


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Thought I would enter this one of AJ from when he was 6 months old. First time on a pony.


Ooops sorry forgot about the one pic only. Deleted the second pic as this is my favorite.

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December Photo Contest

Theme: Kids and Horses

THE PRIZES: I have a couple books from the "Wildwood Stables" series (for ages 8-12) Daring to Dream and Playing for Keeps. I'll do prizes for 1st - 3rd place with some other goodies.


1. Main subject of image MUST be a horse, pony, burro, mule or donkey AND a kid that is 16 or under. Non-applicable or offensive images will be removed.

2. One photo per member can be submitted. Choose carefully.

3. Winner will be chosen based on creativity, composition, focus, use of light and overall visual appeal.

4. Deadline to submit is December 31, 2010 at midnight. (if entries are "light" I have the right to extend this deadline)

5. You must have captured the image. No breaking copyrights allowed. No restriction as to when the photo was taken.

6. Please post directly into this thread. (We don't want to click a million links) And keep the image sized small enough to fit here nicely.

Good luck and have fun!

No mention of photoshopping, so I'm assuming it's OK.... [smiley Wavey]

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I have the results! These were so good I am forcing myself to award to 4th place. I'll hunt down some goodies for everyone. If you could please private message me your name and address if you have won that would be grand!

Thanks for entering everyone! This one was super fun and some GREAT shots here, it was really hard to decide!

FIRST PLACE - Hooflove




THIRD PLACE - Spunkers Gal




Congrats everyone!

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