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What Did You Get Your Friends/family For Christmas?

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I am super excited for Christmas this year, I LOVE LOVE LOVE gift giving, every time I find something awesome for a friend or family member I can hardly contain it! So, if you've found the perfect gift for someone you love and just HAVE to share, go ahead and spill! : )

For my mom...

Several photo shopped family pictures (still need frames!)

A FSU teeshirt, complete with Bulldog decal for her car

For my sister....

Spur straps to DIE for! It was nearly impossible not to buy them for myself...

A customized leather key chain with her initials on it,

and a Katy Perry CD

For my dad....

An awesome IH bar stool for his workshop

FSU tee shirt purposely matching my moms...

....and still searching for a FSU hockey window decal for his truck

For my boyfriend... (this is my favorite, I'm nearly having a heart attack because I have to wait!)

Tickets to a Kenny Chesney & Zac Brown Band concert which just happens to fall on our anniversary, I'm so clever... : )

and of course a new IH hat to replace the old stinky one.

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Aww nuts, I thought I was in the General Chit chat forum!!! My bad. You can find this in the GCC forum then... woopsies!

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Okay here goes:

My husband:

New Motorola il phone from Boost mobile that he's been wanting.

My son:

New cowboy boots

Shinedown CD he's been wanting


and a few other smaller odds/ends just to open.


A christmas stocking with 100 crinkled up dollar bills (she's at that age where she wants to pick out her own stuff/go shopping)

A Twilight Jacob poster. :rolleye0014::rolleye0014:

Few small odds/ends to open

Son And Daughter together: Trip to Las Vegas for New Year's. We'll leave around the 28/29th and return on the 2nd in time for them to start school again. We plan on taking them to Circus Circus and to the Stratosphere.

My husband and I really don't go all-out on ourselves at Christmas, we just kind of buy for the kids and get ourselves whatever we want/need during the year.

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