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If you were invited to join this RP, via the previous topic or have Wild's approval then you may join. This has nothing to do with experience or exclusivity, simply the desire to keep an active RP going on the board.


Neither time, nor distance, is supposed to interfere with true love. Is this idea applicable to love between best friends as well? In high school, they had a bond that was impenetrable to outsiders unless they all agreed upon it. They hung out every waking moment, even participating in the same advanced levels of classes, and they all participated in extracurriculars. They were drooled after by boys and envied by girls, and yet they appeared to thrive in the spotlight instead of bickering and withering like many cliques do when greatness is thrust upon them. When it came to colleges though, every girl desired, or was desired by, a different university. Surely, that was enough to break the bond? They kept in touch, skyping, texting and calling one another constantly. On breaks, they met up for lunch and coffee and it didn't appear different. But now, it is the summer after their freshman year and they are taking their annual summer trip to La Isla de Mientras, in the Caribbean, to stay at one of Norah's homes and it is time to see how close of a bond they really had.

The house backs right up to the white, sandy beaches, warm from the constant presence of the sun. The water is clear, perfect for snorkeling, scuba-diving, jet-skiing or just floating around. There are enough beds that everyone gets one, but some have to share a double and other rooms have twins in them. The kitchen is restocked with all the essentials, food, water and alcohol, every week by the woman who cleans the house every other day. Essentially, there is absolutely nothing to worry about other than remembering to put on sunscreen and making sure you don't get alcohol poisoning.


I can't do the whole creating characters thing like I thought I would be able to. If you guys still want that it will have to wait until tomorrow evening. Otherwise...

Name bolded at the top of your first post. That is all. Their age ranges between 18 and 19 if they're girls and the guys should be between 19 and 22.


- Invite only

- The girls each have to bring a new boy that they met during their first year of college, whether it be an ex-flame, an ex-hookup, or simply a friend

- These girls are best friends who have spent the majority of the year apart from one would you feel?

- I feel since the majority of us are fairly experienced/good writers it shouldn't be that hard to keep the posts a decent length size, nonetheless, two paragraph minimum...every time.

- Stay active. Tell us if you're not going to be able to post so that we can pause or something to ensure that everyone can keep up. By active I don't mean being able to post for hours all day long so that the topic blows up overnight, but rather at least once a day

Well, that wasn't wonderful, but you get the general idea. Anyway, have at it.

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Than ks Magikal!

Just to kep things straight in my head, the people that have been invited are:



Twizzler (I can't remember you're other username)



El Bandito


Still Raining


And me.

I don't think I forgot anyone.

I'll post for my charries a little later

EDIT: Morning dusk PMed me about joining and I told her yes.

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I am in some serious trouble if I don't find that freaking phone, Shawnie thought to herself. It was around 5:30 A.M. and her phone alarm was going off reminding her that she needed to get out of her ex boyfriends house before he wakes up and kills her. If only she could find her phone and turn it off. The retro ringtone blared throughout the entire house until she found it underneath the couch. It must have fallen while she was asleep.

Shawnie broke up with her abusive boyfriend the previous night. He did not take it very well. She couldn't handle it any more. They dated for about 6 months because Shawnie was desperate for a place to stay. When she was 18 years old, she'd already been kicked out of her house and forced to make a living on her own. That's when she met Tristan at college and he offered his place. Little did Shawnie know that he was short-tempered and sometimes even abusive.

They got into a bloody battle of who got to control the television. It was those seemingly small arguements that got them both wound up and stubborn, but while Shawnie might be thinking it was all fun and games, Tristan was fuming. He punched her in the face, the reason why Shawnie broke up with him. That was it, living out on the streets was better than living with him. Tristan yelled at her and told her to get out of his house, but forgot to take away her house key. Around 1:30 A.M., when Shawnie was sure Tristan would be out cold, she snuck back into his house and slept on the couch.

Shawnie stood up to her full height, 4'10". She was small, but far from defenseless. But it was near impossible for her to take on a guy twice her size like Tristan was. In high school, she was active in 4 sports - Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and cross-country. And she was good at them too. She made her way quietly to the bathroom and turned on the light. Knowing Tristan was probably still passed out upstairs, Shawnie wasn't that worried about him waking up. If her alarm had woken him up, he'd have been out of bed by now. She looked in the mirror and was slightly taken aback by what she saw. Her eye was completely black and blue. Which was weird, she barely felt it at all. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing. She brought her hand up to gently graze her eye and winced at the pain. I could get him arrested for this... she thought. No, too much exposure. Not worth it. Shawnie glanced at the clock. it had already been 30 minutes since she'd woken up frantically looking for her phone. The girls were meeting at the airport in an hour. She gently went to work putting makeup on her black eye and getting ready for the long trip ahead.

After about another 30 mintues, Shawnie finished brushing her long, straight blonde hair and she was ready to go. She threw her bags in her old Toyota Camry that she got on her 16th birthday, jumped in the drivers seat and drove off, hopefully before Tristan could realize she'd been there all night.

OOC: Sorry for the PP Twizzler...I'll edit this if need be.

I'll post for Ashtyn later

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Kennedy pushed her nearly elbow length, auburn curls to the other side of her face as she sat up. Her room had an expansive, wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling window that overlooked the ocean. It had been extraordinary to wake up to for the past week. She had come early with her family, though they had left the previous night, and everyone else was flying in that afternoon. Pushing the lilac, down comforter for her slender frame, she stepped out onto the dark hardwood, her bare feet carrying her to the large kitchen.

She thought about how she felt about seeing everyone again. In a sense she was thrilled, unlike everyone else, she hadn't been able to meet up over winter, or even spring break. She had to travel with her father. Her texts and e-mails had been less frequent in the past few months and her skype dates non-existent. It was strange, she missed them terribly, and yearned to see them, but she couldn't help but wonder how they would react. Did they feel resentment towards her for her lack of communication and inability to commit enough time to them? In high school that had been what they teased her about, her busy schedule. She had president of the student body her junior and senior year, captain of the girl's soccer and lacrosse teams, and she had managed to earn fifty AP credits in the two years; starting Brown as a second semester sophomore.

Kennedy sighed quietly over her parfait, her sun-kissed legs crossed over each other on the back porch and her rich, golden eyes peered over the placid ocean deep in thought. She was nervous to see her friends. They knew her better than anyone else. Would they be able to tell? Instinctively she glanced at her reflection, aside from the fact that her skin was more freckled than usual and she was even thinner than before, there wasn't that much of a difference. Her face was still too pretty, straight nose, full lips, and the longest of eyelashes. Kennedy appraised her body carefully, flat stomach, muscular legs and arms, a protruding collarbone and just the slightest of curves. She knew that most people found her to be beautiful, but she didn't always agree.

Heading back to her room, she pulled the over-sized shirt over her head and tossed it carelessly on her bed. People would be in and out of her room that whole day, but she didn't care if she was a little messy. Kennedy put on a strapless, sage bikini, that made her appear more busty than she actually was, a pair of tiny, denim shorts and a loose fitting, aging Simon and Garfunkel shirt. Everyone had been instructed to just come in the front door and take a seat in the living room so she didn't have to constantly worry about answering the doors. Only a couple of the girls had been to the island before and it was freshman year so they would all need a tour.


Grant stepped off the plane, raking his fingers through his copper colored hair, a confident smile on his face. He was eager to start this trip. Kennedy had been that girl on Brown's campus and he was excited to brag about the fact that he'd spent the entire summer with her. They were just friends, always had been and probably always would be. She was hot, there was no denying that, and she was definitely worth being friends with on a conversational level, but he didn't see a romantic future for them...neither did she.

He was lost in thought as he headed through the airport, unaware of what to expect during this vacation. His parents hadn't had a problem with him going, in fact they supported it wholeheartedly. His mom was going to be in Africa, working with Doctors without Boarders, and his dad, well he would be doing what he always did, working. Grant shook him out of his mind, he didn't need to be thinking about his father. Grabbing his bags, he headed out to the town car that Kennedy was providing for each of them. Or each pair of them.

The island was stunning, wild. There was so much green and so many other vibrant colors that he was, impressed. Grant had travelled a lot, in and out of the United States, but he wasn't so sure that he had seen anything quite like this. He passed a small, local village but the car pressed on, passing a small, residential area, a large resort and more small homes. Then, there was nothing but trees and flowers. The car began to climb steadily, and finally approached a huge house. He was used to large homes, he lived in one himself, but this was expansive, especially for a summer house. He hadn't realized just how much money her family had apparently.

Grant stepped out of the car, accepting the help of the driver to get his bags into the living room. His tall fair, towered over the smaller guy as they walked into the house. He grinned, his infamous, brilliant crooked small in thanks, his strong jawline becoming more pronounced and his light blue eyes brightening. He took the house and room he was led into all in stride, his long, leanly muscled frame relaxed and confident as he sat down on the couch; sure that Kennedy was going to make an entrance.

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Angela's slender fingers quickly moved through the clothes she'd stuffed in her bags, making sure she had at least packed the essentials. True to her natural self, organization hadn't played a key part in her packing, and instead she had just put whatever had fit and hoped for the best. What she didn't bring she could borrow or buy; the girls were used to her haphazard packing habits by now and it wouldn't be too much a surprise. Without a second thought, she pushed on the last bag, forcing the zipper to close.

"Done.." she muttered, standing up and looking at the pile of luggage around her. A sudden rush of excitement washed over her as she did so, and it was all she could do to keep her small screech from becoming a legitimate scream. This summer was promising to be the best yet. How could one not be excited at the prospect of spending a whole summer in a beach house with her best friends... and a guy who she might or might not be romantically involved with?

The last thought lingered in her mind as she lugged the bags downstairs and out to the car. Sean had become a good friend throughout her first year at UHartford. They had always kept up the appearance of good friends, and that was all she had told the other girls they were. Who knew what else could be there though - and she would find that out this summer. For sure.

"Aidan! I'm all set, can we go now?" She called up the stairs to her younger brother as she took one last glance in the mirror, adjusting the headband over her short, dark brown hair. She had said the goodbyes to her parents already, and she was ready to go. Her younger brother would drop her off at the airport, then she was away from any contact with her family for the next three months. And it was one of the greatest feelings ever.


Sean stared out the window of the plane, smiling to himself. This summer was going to be incredible. Months spent on the beach with one of his favorite people, and her extremely good looking group of friends. And their guy friends... he wasn't quite sure the story with all of them, but all he knew was he was happy he was going. A slight frown crossed his eyes as the elderly man beside him began snoring, but nothing could fully mar the smile spread across his face.

Light freckles and his extremely light blond hair added a slight boyish-ness to his face as he walked into the sunlight, glad to be off of the plane. A quick check of the time told him that the girls' plane would be in in the matter of a half hour. He couldn't wait to see Angela again. It had only been a couple of weeks since the final week at the college, but they had grown close over the course of the year, and so used to living in the same vicinity as the other, that any small bit of time spent apart from each other felt wrong.

After dropping his bags into one of the cars for the group, he chose to sit a small bench outside the entrance of the airport to sit on as he waited for them. There was no point wasting time inside when the day was beautiful enough to be fully enjoyed. And as much as he couldn't wait for the girls to get there, he felt pretty sure that he wouldn't mind just sitting there all day. Glancing around at what little bit of the island he could see, he could tell he was in heaven on earth.

[[i literally have not written anything in the past few months so I'm extremely rusty!]]

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Leila Rae James


Philadelphia University

yeahhh. my guy needs a girl before i create him and get attached to him and never get to actually play him lol. anyone wanna be the girl to my guy?

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Storm was in a cab, on the way to the airport. She was so excited to see her friends, she could jump around and scream. She'd always been a bit hyperactive, but by now, most people expected it from her. She pulled her shoulder length red hair back into a ponytail and tapped her fingers on her knee. She hated the waiting and anticipation, she just wanted to be there already.

When they finally got to the airport, she jumped happily out of the cab, paid the driver, and grabbed her bags. She hadn't packed too much, just what she knew she'd need. Walking with bouncy steps, she headed into the huge building, immediately feeling lost. She was probably the worse person on the planet for gettng turned around. Maybe Leo would find her if she stayed here near the entrance...

She'd met Leo not long after starting at Northern. The two had clicked and become almost unseparable. Everyone who saw them assumed they were dating, but in reality, they were just good friends, and that's how she planned to keep it.


Leo walked casually into the airport, green eyes scanning the crowd. He was a bit unsure about this trip, but it meant spending all summer with Storm, so he'd do it. He'd listened to her excitedly talking about her friends and figured that if storm got along wityh them, he could probably handle three months of being on the beach with a bunch of women pretty easily.

He spotted her, already looking lost, and smiled. That girl could get lost in a cardboard box if she wasn't careful. He walked over and put an arm around her, pulling her in the proper direction.

"Wrong way, Goofball" he said, , shouldering his way through the crowd.

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Kaylee hauled her bags downstairs, she was less than impressed that she had to spend all summer with her obsessive mistake Logan. They met at school but didn't really get acquainted until they went to a bar one night after finals. She wound up going home with him and they were just a simple hook up. After that night he wanted a relationship with her badly, but Kaylee wasn't down for it. Kaylee was the party type, the type that got straight A's but once she left campus it was time to let loose and have fun. She did like Logan, but didn't want to be tied down during university, she wanted to focus on her grades and then have fun with whoever, whenever and have no strings attached. Logan however, was the type that didn't hook up just for the fun of it, and he had, had his eye on Kaylee ever since they took Biology together in the first semester.

Kaylee pulled out her iPhone and pulled up Logans name, sending him a quick text message. 'I'm leaving for the airport now, text you when i'm there'

She slid her phone back in her pocket and looked around the living room "mom, daddy, i'm ready" she called through the open concept house.

Her parents helped her load up her bags in the car and drove her to the airport where after they said their goodbyes she wandered toward her terminal after going through customs. She sat down and waited for Logan, bright green eyes scanning the airport. She leaned back, pulling her straight brunette hair forward so it didn't hang behind the chair and looked to the ceiling as she played music on her phone, white earbuds pressed into her ears. If there was a bright side to this, it was that she could hang out with her girls again and the guys they toted along with them and they would have the summer of their lives.

When Logan arrived she noticed that he was dressed to impress her. Really Logan? she thought to herself. Once he had sat down and started to make moves on her she tightened up. "Show off" she said as she set his hand on his own leg. Luckily soon after they boarded the plane, what was unlucky was that they were seated next to each other.


Logan had his bags backed in his parents truck in the garage the night before. He was beyond excited for this summer. Gorgeous island, summer away from my parents and time to win Kaylee over He got up, showered, and fohawked his hair the way Kaylee liked it, sprayed on her favorite Cologne and dressed in a black and white Element shirt and Silver jeans. He was fit and muscular to say the least, so he made sure to wear his tightest shirt just because.

He heard his phone ring and picked it up, smiling when he saw "Kaylee <3" come across the screen and a preview of her message underneath.

He opened the message and sent her one back "Just leaving the house now, see you soon love" he sent before he stuffed his phone in his pocket and headed out the door. Soon he and his parents were off and got him to the airport. He went through customs and found Kaylee sitting in the terminal. Walking over, he sat down beside her and put his hand on her leg. Kaylee pulled her headphones out and looked to him "show off" she said as she put his hand on his own leg. Logan sighed as he looked to her. This is going to be tough he thought. They soon boarded the plane and he sat in the isle seat so she could take the window. He had to fight himself from bringing up touchy topics with her, even though he was dying to get on the same page as her.

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OOC: Ducky, for some reason I can't send messages right now...but yes you can certainly join =] you are deffinitely a reputable person.

BIC: The best way to describe Ashtyn Bates was eye candy. With a lean, toned body that stood at 6'3", and dark hair that fell mysteriously over his eyes, he was the hottie that every girl drooled over. Not to mention, he was a musician and in a local band. He and his band often got hired to play at parties and school dances. He was the lead singer, guitar player, and the one in charge of his band, making sure everyone was getting along and happy, as well as getting the music put together. But there was something about musician's that most girls just went gaga for. Every girl wanted him...until they found out he was blind in both eyes.

Ashtyn was born with two light blue eyes, but as he got older his left eye turned to a blood red color and his right eye looked more and more glazed every day. To this day, he has one blood red eye and one light blue eye, but he can't see out of either. His eyes were the only thing that kept him from having a girlfriend. Not because he didn't want one, but because girls were either afraid of him, or they didn't want a blind boyfriend.

Leila was the closest thing to a girlfriend Ashtyn was probably ever going to have. They were only friends, but Ashtyn loved her more than anything. They just had too strong a friendship to ruin it with the question, "Will you go out with me?" There was no way she'd want to go out with him anyway, for the same reason nobody else did. At least he had a friend, the only person that wasn't afraid of him or befriending him to get his band to play at their party for free. They met the first day at college. Ashtyn was hopelessly lost and bumped into her, sending papers flying through the air and books falling to the ground. Ashtyn was, like any other guy would be, totally embarrassed and helped her pick up her things while they talked and agreed to hang out sometime, only as friends.

Leila had asked him to go on this trip to the beach with her and all her girlfriends. He wasn't one for water, he prefered land, but how could he say no? Three months with the girl he loved, on vacation? He could stay away from the water.

Ashtyn threw his bags in his old Chevy truck and yelled at his dad that he was reasy to go.

"You know, Ash, there are going to be a lot of girls there," His dad told him, questioningly.

"Yeah, what's your point?" Ashtyn replied.

"Well, you haven't exactly had the best luck with girls."

"So? I'll at least have one friend there."



His dad snickered.

"What?" Ashtyn demanded.

"Nothing, it's just that you would think you'd have made a move by now."

"That's none of your business." Lucky for Ashtyn, the conversation ended on that note as they pulled into the air port parking lot. He opened the car door and his black high tops hit the pavement. He grabbed his bags out of the back of the truck and gave his dad a quick goodbye. With that, Ashtyn headed into the airport. Leila knew to come looking for him, because it was near impossible for him to find her. He felt someone brush against him and politely asked them what time it was.

"9:45..." his voice trailed off as he noticed Ashtyn's eyes.

Ashtyn just gave him his famous million dollar smile and thanked him. No need to explain his eye coloring to someone he will most likely never see again.

So the plane wasn't leaving for another 30 minutes. Hopefully that was enough time for Leila to track him down.

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Sabine( Sah-bean) Wynters


New York University

Dean Lancaster


Columbia University

{ ooc: will read the introduction posts then write my intro shortly after }

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The nineteen year old girl sat in the backseat of the vehical, the only sound was the soft humming of the engine as the car carried its way along the road. Perched comfortably on the leather seats Sabine's attention was not on the scenery that went and came in blurrs through the window but directed towards her smart phone, as she sent the last message to her father. Her father was one of the best known, most wanted, talented, and if not most respected photographer in the country and across the pond. It was very difficult to get a private session done with him, but his results were phenominal. Her nimble fingers grasped her phone, putting it away into its second home before averting her undivided attention to her surroundings. She was here. Looking down at her sunkissed toned legs, the girl couldn't help but smile to herself. Sabine was an attractive girl,only standing at 5"2, her figure was slim but toned from exercise, but still had some small curves that added to her physic.

On the first class trip to the island the only thing Sabine thought of was her girls. The very thought of coming back to the water engulfed land had her skin tingling. She could already smell the salty atmosphere and the calm tremors of the crystal clear waters breaking the sandy shore. Besides the national geographic worthy scenery Sabine was anticipating parties, the get togethers, seeing who would hook up or break up. This vacation from the hustle and bustle of New York would be a nice one for her.

Sabine hardly noticed the vehical had become standstill untill the door adjacent to her had opened the warm air already hitting her broadside in the face. A little miffed Sabine exited the the ebony limo, fetching her round gucci sunglasses that resided in her large purse. Once shielding her light hazel eyes, Sabine's escort acknowledged her and pointed to her burberry luggage that sat at the entrance to her paradise. Casually walking towards her belongings, she parted with a nod of 'thanks' to the driver as the man nodded in response and departed without any further words.

Already dressed for the occasion, Sabine's attire was casual yet chic. Adorning worn-like denim shorts that accentuated her toned legs, an off white shirt that fitted her slightly loose along the collar bone in which one of her shoulder was exposed. Even though the was top was longsleeved the material was thin enough to be worn in the summer weather, giving Sabine a nice breeze. Undernethe her fashionable clothing she had worn her teal bikini knowing that she might be in the water, or by it, in a matter of hours. To accomodate the sandy terrain, Sabine had already exchanged her nude pumps into silver flats. Making her way to her belongings she grabbed them and briskly walked through the vicinity her burnette below-shoulder length hair already toying in the ocean air.

Upon matters of minutes the teenager made it to the head of the house where she had assumed everyone would meet up notcing through her shaded vision a guy already accomodating the room. Entering the beachfront room, she set her luggage down near the entryway and briskly made her way to the opposite couch from where the boy sat. Making herself comfortable on the couch, Sabine neatly discarded her lable branded sunglasses in her purse as they were not needed in the sunlit yet shaded room. While slightly fixing her loose burnette curls at the bottom of her hair,in which she had styled from her regular straight hair, her eyes averted over to the other human in the room other than her. Sabine gave a smile acknowledging his presence. Obviously the others hadn't arrived yet, either they were on thier way or still in flight. Which ever one Sabine knew this day would soon unfold with squeals and giggles and the frantic waving of arms as one another gave long awaited hugs.

{ooc: will post Dean's intro in a bit (: Annnd omg i'm rusty, i haven't done this in so long. its good to be doing this again}

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"Charlie? Have you seen my phone? I can't find it, and we have to leave in..." Leila shot a frantic look at the clock on the stove, her brown eyes closing in despair when she read the time. "We were supposed to leave ten minutes ago! Are you sure you haven't seen my phone? Ashtyn's probably at the airport, and I'm going to miss my flight if-" a sheepish smile turned the corners of her naturally red lips up and highlighted her dimples as Charlie emerged from underneath the couch with Leila's phone in his hand.

"What would I do without you, Uncle Charlie?" Leila asked the short, slightly balding, fifty year old man who had served as her legal guardian for 15 years. "Well, you'd certainly never be on time for anything, that's for sure," he replied gruffly, shooing Leila out the door and lugging her suitcases behind him as he followed her lithe, prancing figure to the ancient Jeep that stood on the street outside.

"And I'd have to carry my own bags, which would just be absolutely awful," Leila added with a teasing smile as she settled herself into the passenger's seat. Charlie merely grunted and started the Jeep, his gruff demeanor a dead giveaway to how he felt about Leila being gone for so long. "You be careful out there, wherever it is you're going. South Africa, Madagascar, something like that, right?" Charlie finally spoke up as they pulled into a temporary parking spot at the airport.

"It's the Caribbean, Charlie, and I'll be fine. I'll have all my girls, and all their guys, and I'll have Ashtyn," Leila reminded him, bouncing her tiny dancer's frame lightly on her toes, her brilliantly and obviously unnatural red hair flying all over the place. Leila hugged Charlie, much to his chagrin, then waved at him, pretending not to notice the worry in his eyes as she checked and double checked for her cell phone, charger, and boarding pass. "I'll see you in a couple months, kid," Charlie said by way of a goodbye, and watched Leila enter the airport.

Leila dragged her bags haphazardly to the side, away from the masses of people, and searched for Ashtyn. She knew he'd be nearby one of the doors, waiting for her, but which one? God, she was going to make them late for their plane. But wait, was that...? Yes!

"Ashtyn!" Leila called, tugging her suitcases in his direction, ignoring the hiccup her heart did and the way her stomach flipflopped when she noticed him, and definitely ignoring the way it was hard to breathe when she stopped in front of him and said, "I'm so sorry I'm late, I lost my phone and Charlie had to climb under the couch the find it, were you waiting long? I've missed you so much! Do you know which gate we're going to? And did I mention I've missed you?" She stretched her 5 foot frame up onto her tiptoes so she could hug her closest friend hello.

Leila often wondered what it was about Ashtyn that drew her to him so quickly, that made them click so intensely. It had always been like that between them- sharing everything together, having no secrets...until recently. Leila seemed to constantly miss Ashtyn, even when he was right next to her. It was like he was holding something back from her. Hopefully this summer broke those walls down, because she missed her friend so terribly.

She stepped back from the hug and touched two fingers to the inside of his wrist, something mundane and simple they had worked out between them to be like a secret handshake they could do when they needed reassurance or just extra comfort.

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An almost sheepish grin came across Ashtyn's face when he heard Leila's voice yell from across the room at him. That was so Leila. He heard her running towards her and knew a hug was soon to come. He flashed her a smile and bent down to meet her small frame for a hug.

Ashtyn laughed when she repeated she missed him about twenty times. "You might have mentioned it once," he laughed again. "I've missed you too." More than you know... "So I think our plane should be leaving..." He paused to think about how long ago it was that he asked that stranger what time it was, and how long he'd been standing there. "About five or ten minutes ago. I can't believe you're dragging me along on this trip. You know very well how much I don't like water, and you're insisting that I go to an island that's surrounded by water?" He talked as he attempted to link arms with Leila to walk her to the terminal. Even though he would probably never find the right one, Ashtyn liked to pretend. Pretend he could still see, pretend he could still be a gentlemen and get a lady where she needed to go. When in reality, it was him that needed help getting where he needed to go.

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OOC: Seriously? A reputable person? I think you might have me confused with someone else... But I guess we can pretend :)

Emily Jacobs



Brett Powell



Brett glanced over his shoulder, his hazel eyes scanning the crowd until they landed on Emily. She had found an empty place to sit and stretch as she waited for Brett to grab their luggage off the baggage carousel. It was a good idea, he thought. Their run that morning had only been ten miles, an easy run compared to either of their standards. But getting the long flight from Boulder left his muscles stiff and tight.

In all honesty, Brett still wasn’t sure how he felt about this whole trip. Sure, a trip to the Caribbean was great. But with Emily? It wasn’t that he didn’t like her. He just didn’t really know her very well. He knew the times she had run that season and the times their cross country coach (also Brett's father) thought Em was capable of running. Brett also knew that it took her about three miles to really get warmed up and she never complained, no matter how brutal the workout. But, outside of running, Brett didn’t know anything about her. Emily was quiet and seemed to be entirely of the upperclassmen on the team and college in general, for the first few weeks of practice she had only spoken when other people asked her questions. They weren’t even Facebook friends. And he was stuck with her for the summer.

It was his father’s idea. Emily was supposed to spend most of her summer with the Powells training with the other top runners on the team. She said she didn’t mind canceling her trip, but Coach Powell had simply decided to send Brett along instead. Brett would give her someone to train with, someone who would push her harder, someone who knew exactly how Coach wanted her to train. And, in theory, they would keep one another focused. His dad told him that it was summer, they could unwind and have a little fun, as long as they returned ready to concentrate on cross country and only cross country. Which really meant that Coach Powell wanted to make sure that Emily didn't get too distracted by any boys. Not that it would be very hard, Brett couldn’t remember the freshman ever even starting a casual conversation with a guy.

When their luggage finally emerged, Emily hopped to her feet and quickly made her way to Brett’s side. She glanced towards the doors that led to the streets, while she was stretching she had told herself that when they were ready she would lead the way out, she would get them a cab and direct it to Kennedy’s house. But when he took a step forwards, Emily naturally fell into step behind him and found herself standing with their bags in the bright sunlight a moment later as Brett spoke to one of the cab drivers, joking easily in what sounded to her like fluent spanish. She let the driver load their bags and when it was time to supply the address, Emily had to dig through her backpack to find the piece of paper she’d written it on, just to make sure she had it right.

When they finally pulled out into traffic, she quietly told Brett that it would be a “long-ish” drive, and watched as he pulled out his iPod and turned towards the window. Emily still couldn’t believe that the almost-senior almost-captain of the cross-country team was going to be spending his summer with her. Granted, he was only there because their coach was making him go with her. But still. They had spent the entire day together. Not that had talked much. After showing him pictures of her friends on Facebook while they waited for their flight, they had fallen into an awkward silence until they had turned to their own books and music.

Emily had had a bit of a crush on Brett at the start of the semester. And with good reason. His chestnut hair always seemed to fall perfectly in place, even at the end of a long run. He had the healthy tan of someone who spends hours outside and a warm laugh. And he was fast. Really fast. And every time that he talked to Em, the words had dissolved on her tongue as she reminded herself of every reason why a guy like Brett was not interested in her. Like the fact that her hair was neither brown nor blond but somewhere in between and was impossibly curly. And her compact, athletic body was not graceful or curvy. And her big brown eyes looked petrified in ever picture that she’d ever been in. And she didn’t know how to dress. Today, for instance, she wore a comfy pair of sweats and a plain ribbed tank, her feet in a pair of worn Adidas sandals.

She had always been quiet. Her role in the group had always been the listener. The shoulder the cry on, the person to vent to when you didn’t want to be judged, the one you gushed to when you thought no one else wanted to hear it. But without the rest of the girls to pave the way, she had become ridiculously shy as she second guessed her every move. Emily couldn't wait to surround herself with the girls again, of only because she hoped that some of their easy confidence would rub off on her once again.

When the cab finally pulled up in front of Kennedy’s estate, Brett’s jaw dropped. When Emily said they were staying at her friend’s house, he had assumed it was a small summer beach house, not this expansive and ostentatious mansion. But he shook himself out of his state of shock in time to help Em pay the driver and unload their bags. He took one of hers and motioned for her to go first. Only then did Emily take a step forwards, hesitantly leading the way into the house, occasionally glancing back at Brett as though to make sure he was still there. She let herself in and, at the sight of Sabine, she dropped her bags and darted forwards to give her friend a big hug, “Beanie!” She exclaimed, with a wide grin.

Brett shut the door behind them, taking in the room for a moment before tossing his bags on the floor beside Emily’s and flopped down into one of the chairs. He nodded to the guy who sat on the couch before pulling out his phone, quickly texting his father to let him know that they had arrived safely.

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Nova ran around her house quickly trying to throw everything in her bag that she needed. She had always been the lazy one and this time it was coming back to bite her. She did make a list and was quickly checking things off as she threw them into her suitcase. She had a half hour before she had to be at the airport and it was a 20 minute drive.

After checking her list again Nova quickly changed into shorts and a tank top before shoving all her suit cases into her car. She swiped her black bangs out of her dark green eyes, her long hair easily tousled by the wind. Her slightly tanned figure got into the car and quickly reversed out of the drive way, almost hitting a trash can.

"So I have to calm down a little." She said and slowly pulled the rest of the way out and continued down the road. She had missed all of her friends terribly and was excited to meet the guy that she was bringing along. They had been friends since they met her freshman year when they literally ran into each other. "I hope they all get along." She mumbled and pulled into the parking lot. Nova quickly pulled out her phone and sent a mass texting asking where they should all meet.


"I can't believe it." Tristan growled and stared at the unfolded blanket and pillow on his couch. "I just can't keep her off of me." Tristan said and continued to finish his packing for the trip. He felt horrible about his "incident" with Shawnie last night. He had been drinking a little and wasn't known to have the best temper. Tristan flipped his shaggy black hair out of his chocolate eyes, allowing his eyes to scan the room. "I think that is it."

Tristan shut the door to his apartment and locked it tight. He didn't have any animals or anything, so no one would have to enter his apartment. That was one of his pet peeves, when other people touched his stuff. That had started many fights between him and Shawnie. He had been invited on the trip way before his fight with Shawnie and planned on going. While he was there he would try to make amends with Shawnie, but if she didn't want to he didn't care that much. "I could be better off without you." He spoke his thoughts out loud and shut his car door. He opened his phone and sent a text to Shawnie, 'You wanna tell me when you stay at my place. I think we need to talk, no fists involved this time. Please?'

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Angela's leg flinched a little bit as her phone vibrated on her lap. No doubt one of the girls wanting to meet up; she had been about to text them to ask where she could find them. A grin quickly lit up her face as her brother pulled into the airport parking lot, and she glanced at her phone to check the text. It was Nova, asking where they should meet up. She slid her phone open, and her fingers glided over the keys easily in reply. Aidan's dropping me off at the front entrance.. that work for you? There was no reason why it shouldn't; the front entrance was a fairly safe place to pick to meet.

She pushed her phone back in the small pocket of her shorts, and quickly jumped out of the car as Aidan pulled up to the sidewalk. It only took her a couple minutes to get the few bags she had out of the trunk, then she gave a small wave to her brother.

"All set? I'm off then.."

"Yeah. See ya.." She grinned as she closed the passenger side door, and watched him drive away before turning to move her bags out of the middle of the sidewalk. Hopefully the rest would be there soon. She hated being alone in a public place for longer than a few minutes. Sighing contentedly, she found a chair to sit on as she waited. Her inner excitement began building again as she glanced around. This summer was going to be incredible, and she couldn't wait for the girls to be all together again. Going away to college had been amazing, but she missed the closeness they had, she missed being able to go to them at any given moment in time and knowing that they were right there.

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Shawnie had already been through the airport and was now standing in front of the beautiful place she was going to be staying for the next three months with all her girls. Normally, Shawnie was the one talking up a storm as soon as she was in the presence of all her friends. She wasn't feeling so talkative today after what happened with Tristan the night before. Although she would never admit it to anyone, she was absolutely terrified of him. She flinched every time he moved when they were together, always expecting to get yet another blow to the face. A ripple of terror shot through her body every time her phone lit up with his name on it. The list goes on.

Shawnie's phone rang with that oh-so-familiar ringtone. Text message from Tristan. She opened it and read every word carefully. Busted. No fists? Yeah right. Her jaw tightened as she tried to hold back the tears forming in her eyes. Maybe if I ignore him, he'll go away. I'm sure he won't show up here now that we're done, she thought. Taking a deep breath, she reminded herself why she was here. To see her girls, the only family she had left, and to enjoy herself. She was on vacation and she wasn't going to let some stupid boy ruin that.

She started walking toward the house, then remembered her eye and wondered if the makeup was still on from this morning. She shuffled through her purse trying to find a small mirror, but with no luck. Please dear God please let that makeup still be on my face... The last thing the girls needed was to be worried about her on their vacation. Not only that, but Shawnie didn't exactly want to talk about Tristan either. She never told any of her friends about him, she knew they'd think she was crazy. Shawnie already knew that, she didn't need to be told.

Black leather flip flops patted the ground quickly as she made her way to the mansion. She pulled a lock of blonde hair over her black eye, just to be safe. Of course the first people she saw when she ran into the house were Sabina and Emily, and a few guys she'd never met before. She was sure to keep a safe distance away from them, she was done with guys for a while. Sabina and Emily were sure to notice her eye, even with makeup on. She immediately dropped her head and gave a slight smile. "Hey guys. I've missed you tons!" She said, trying to sound as enthusiatic as possible as she approached them with open arms.

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OOC: if ANY of you, whether you have posted already or not, have ANY doubts whatsoever about staying active, PLEASE DROP OUT NOW. For the sake of the people that will stay active. I want this RP to live more than anything right now, and we can't do that with inactive members.

For those of you who have yet to post, you have until tomorrow night to post an intro.

and we are no longer accepting new members. sorry!

I'm sorry for being a nag about this, but these days you have to to keep a RP active.

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Leo'd managed to get Storm safetly on the plane without any major mishaps. She'd managed to get herself lost in the crowd at one point, but only for a few minutes. He was pretty much used to her inability to contain her excitement, it was one of the things he liked about her, actually.

He'd let her have the window seat so she could watch the world go by. She was fidgeting and tapping her fingers while he was trying desperately to concentrate and read. Sighing, he closed the book and grabbed her by the wrist.

"Storm, sweetheart, unless you want me to be completely insane by the end of the trip, can you please, please refrain from tapping and fidgeting so much? Please?" His voice was quiet, and a gentle smile sat on his face.


Storm, completely lost in her own world, was jolted back to reality when Leo grabbed her wrist. Grinning at his words, she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Sanity, my dear, is a relative term. And if you're not mildly insane when we land on the island, three months with me and the girls will make you insane" She informed him with a grin.

Sitting back and pulling out her iPod, she put the lime green ear buds in and let herself drift, thinking about the girls and all the great times they'd had. She was really hoping Leo would enjoy himself, too.

When the plane finally landed, what seemed like a decade later, she jumped out and dragged Leo out, barely iving him time to grab their carry on bags. After getting through customs and finding their luggage, she pulled him out into the bright afternoon.

Inhaling the salty air, she litterally jumped for joy, then grabbed Leo's hand again and led him to a waiting cab and gave the driver Kennedy's address. The whole drive there, she talked non-stop, filling Leo in on everything he needed or wanted to know about the island and some of their many adventures.

As soon as the cab arrived, Storm jumped out and ran to the house, flying through the front door and seeing Shawnie, Sabine, and Emily.

"Hiiiii!!!!" She squealed, jumping and hugging each of her friends in turn, bouncing in excitement.


Leo sighed, paid for the cab, and got their bags. He followed Storm somewhat hesitantly ito the house, smiling at the obviously happy reuinion.

He frowned slightly after Storm moved away from a petite blonde and walked up, bumpunf her shoulder gently.

"You might want to fix that eye up" he said quietly so as to not draw attention to them

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"Oh for the love of god Logan.." Kaylee said in frustration as she stepped off the plane and headed toward the luggage carousel. "I like you, you're gorgeous but believe me honey you don't want to be with me, no one does, not for more than a night or two anyway" she said in a lower voice. Truth be told, Kaylee was terrified of commitment, she fell in love once and wound up crushed and depressed. After her fourth tub of ice cream and a truck load of used kleenex she swore off relationships and put her heart under lock and key. "Can we just have a fun summer? please?" she asked him as she grabbed her bags and spun around, light green eyes looking into his blue ones.

She re adjusted her side bangs that swept across her forhead and headed to the doors where their car waited. She couldn't wait to see her girls again and let go of all her stress and be free. She found the car and slid into the backseat, sinking into the black leather seats. When Logan soon appeared next to her and looked out his window, saying nothing she knew he was upset. She copied him and looked out her window. This is going to be one long car ride she thought as she let out a big sigh and pushed her headphones into her ears.

They soon arrived at the beach house "Oh my god Logan, look" she said as she grabbed his arm softly and pointed with the other hand through the windshield. They soon parked, the driver unloaded their bags and Kaylee was out the door and up the steps, flip flops clacking on the cement before Logan could even respond. "Girls!!" she shouted as she ran into the house, huge white smile plastered on her face, eyes glowing. Her only concern was who she would tackle hug first.


"Kaylee.." Logan pleaded as he followed her out toward the luggage carousel. His heart warmed and flip flopped when he heard her statement. "So if you like me..and I like you..why arn't we dating?" he asked "I should at least be able to live and learn not just be told upfront that I don't want to date you" he added as he grabbed his bags and followed her to the car. "C'mon Kay, don't make me look like a lost puppy dog, wait up" he said as he caught up to her and walked beside her. He sighed as she got into the car and the driver loaded their bags up. Climbing in after her he sat down and looked out the window, thinking to himself. How is this going to work? How will I win her over? Is it worth it? he thought.

When they arrived at the house and she spoke and grabbed his arm his heart fluttered again. Yep..its worth it he thought as he watched her get out of the vehicle. He soon followed her and walked up the steps and into the house, taking in everything. He walked up to Kaylee and put his arm around her waist. As she looked around the living room she leaned into him and gave him a side hug, giving him more hope. Was it a good thing? who knows.

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