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Checking On Weed

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Many of you may remember Weed, my big 16 hand dun QH that I had to retire this past year at nine years of age due to his widespread arthritis. A friend took him in with her horses and mules, around 9 altogether, and he leads the good life up with them.

Went up this past Sunday to check on him in kind of a roundabout way.

Left for Augusta (which is nowhere near where Weed is) for breakfast right at sunrise and it was a beauty.




Had a great breakfast at Chubby's Diner, formerly Mels, and gabbed with some old cowboy friends for awhile. Than headed back toward Choteau and saw this eagle out on a roadkill deer.


Got back and haaded up the Bellview Road and ran into (although not literally) these deer and snapped a couple of pictures.



And then headed on up to where Weed is pastured. Many of you will recognize Ear Mountain here too and the pasture is in i'ts evening shadow.



Nearly there and this is a look to the north.


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Got to the corner of the pasture and honked the horn. Mary has them to the point they come if you wait long enough, to find out what might be in store for them.



Weed is looking great and the rest and retirement is doing him good.




A very friendly bunch, all of them, and a couple of them had to come over to the truck and check out the dogs. Triever, the old one, just got up to the front where he knew he was safe, but Tucker, the pup, help his ground on the tailgate.




Weed, as you can see, looks great, and was moving around real good too. Will probably take a look at him next spring and see how he's doing and maybe get some light riding in on him. Hope so anyhow.

Got back near town and let the dogs out to run for a bit here and then on home. Might try and check on him again this weekend. Is going to be a whole lot more snow up there then from the sound of the forecast.


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Love the pics. Glad weed is doing so well. I will take the buckskin in the background please. I have a soft spot for buckskins. He looks pretty. Thanks for sharing. Do they just forage through the snow to find enough to eat? That is pretty cool.

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for the most part they just forage in the pasture. If it gets to bad though, the rancher that owns it lives only about a mile away and will feed them.

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pcs Actually, I've had the license plate GRZ BEAR for probably close to 30 years, long before there was HC or Grouchy Grizzly. Comes from having dealt with bears, and especially grizzlies, on a personal one on one basis for about 30 years.

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I'm never dissapointed in your pics GG! Weed looks great, hope you get to ride him some. He is in good company with the mules, ya just can't beat mules for pasture company! (My own very biased opinion.)

Thanks for sharing!

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