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Confo Critique?

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Now with video.

Pony A-

The bay gelding

Pony B-

The dark bay mare

i ruled out the mule-nosed mare because she's a year younger than both these guys and just as expensive.


Pony C-

Pony C will be somewhat cheaper than A and B, which are the same price. Pony C will also require a bit more work and feeding for a while.

All are being picked for pony hunters and suitability with children.

I'm waiting to talk with the farms Monday/Tuesday and arrange times to see them in person over the next couple of weeks.

When I have some time tomorrow I'll post everyone's responses from my first post, but the general consensus was Pony A (the gelding), then Pony B (his twin sister, the dark mare) and then Pony D, who is no longer really in the running as she's a 08 filly. Pony C is new.

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Should be in everyone's inboxes here in a few minutes... I can't send a PM but every 120 second. LOL.

And if you don't mind I'd like to wait to have opinions here for a few more responses.... I'm afraid everyone will start agreeing and I may not get as many reasons or unique opinions.

So far the consensus has been with you munching, if that give you any piece of mind. I'll post all the responses later.

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I like the dark bay the best. Fancier mover than the lighter bay, and takes less effort to move like that. She seems like she might be a bit hotter though.

The greying filly doesn't show any canter on the video, so not really possible to judge her.

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