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Software Upgrade On Monday

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We're getting a software upgrade for the Forums, Blogs and Galleries. We are expected to roll this out on Monday the 24th (or at the latest Tuesday). We are hoping not to have an "outage" during the upgrade but as these things sometimes go, we might be down for a bit.

New Features of the Software Update:

RSS Blogs

Can now integrate blogs with the website through RSS

Improved Spam Fighting

Advanced spam monitoring as well as the question and answer challenge for new accounts.

Revamped Search

Revamped search engine, making it easier to find content within our community. It's now easier to search individual applications, and each application has custom filters available to find precisely the material you're looking for.

Contextual search box in the global header. Specify which type of content to find, and search inside individual topics or forums easily.

Centralized Notifications

The new notifications system provides consistent, central management of notifications, as well as several new events that can send notifications (such as 'someone quoted my post'). Notification options are now managed in a single interface in the UserCP.

Status Updates

Members can comment directly on each others' statuses. We've also added a new Community Statuses page, allowing all member statuses to be viewed and commented on at once. Member profiles will show a history of that user's status updates, as well as an overview of comments they've given on other status updates. Finally, Facebook and Twitter status integration means your users can bring their external statuses into your community, and vice-versa.

Content Sharing Tools

Members can share community content across the internet. We include support for all the major social networking and new aggregation services, and with Facebook and Twitter the members don't even need to leave the BB to share.

Topic Preview

Click the new topic preview icon in the topic listing or search results views, and see the first and latest posts without leaving the page.

Profile Customization

Users can now choose an image to be their profile background. They can even automatically have their Twitter background imported.


Because of the upgrade you will notice a new "look and feel" and functionality to the system. All the board "content" will remain the same and your account will be just as it was in the old system.

Please have patience with us as we acclimate and make adjustments ... there may be a few bumps in the road. We are really looking forward to all the new features and hope you enjoy them!

[Yay] [Yay] [Yay] [Yay]

FEEDBACK TOPIC: I will be creating a "new software feedback" topic on the General Chit Chat (GCC) forum so that members can alert us of issues and problems related to the new software. Then we only have one place to look and communicate with each other. Please keep in mind there will be a learning curve for our Mods and Admin with the new system. I hope we can learn all the new bells and whistles quickly!

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