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Photo Game?

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So all you photo manipulation fanatics! here is a challenge... for fun. I have 3 photos here, I want to see what other people can come up with by merging these 3 photos together... what kind of scene can you come up with? This is not a contest, because there are no prizes. ;) I have already made a picture out of these 3 same pictures, and it would be interesting to see what other idea's people come up with.. And after people that want to give it a shot..are done, I will post mine. Oh yes, I took these pictures so there is no worry over who they belong to.

As to the scene..your imagination is the limit!! You can edit the pics any way want. ONE RULE, you may only use these 3 pictures! no inserting foreign objects/pics.



BIG pic for editing





Edited by Shani

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Awesome SohCahToa! Well done!! :D

I think its fun!! :D

What program do you use?

I cross posted this on the general chit-chat, and I posted my photo there...guess i might as well post it here now too.


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