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Help Me Give My Horse A Show Name!

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Most of you have seen pictures of my newly purchased horse Joker. For those of you who haven't, I purchased Joker in November and now we're working towards some hunter/jumper schooling shows and our first BN event. He's an 8 year old Chestnut TB gelding with a heart of gold and puppy dog personality. I chose the name Joker before I really knew him, but he's a big dork, so it really does fit. lol. He is not registered, so he doesn't have a papered name to go off of.

Here are the names I like thus far, but I'm open to suggestions:

Why so Serious? --I'm a big Dark Knight fan and I LOVE the Joker.

Casino Royale --a friend loves Vegas themed names and Joker goes with that pretty well also due to the gambling/cards Vegas is known for.

Sin City

Here are a few pictures of him also:






Thanks in Advance!

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I'm not really good at the naming thing but I'll give it a try. Keeping with the Joker, Casino theme.

Jokers Wild

All In

Blackjack Joker


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i like sin city!

why so serious is a little too long for my taste, although it is pretty cute. casino royale seems played out to me for some reason. but then again, i don't have any better suggestions.

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