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Hunt & Jump [For All Ages!]

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_th.jpg Free Horse Genetics Game

Come check it out, enitrely free for basic accounts. Check out the Forums if you have any questions, there are plenty of game guides and how to's.

Great game for all ages, enjoy creating your own lines of horses in varying colors from blacks to champagnes, bays and double cremes, etc.

A few of my favorite patterns:


Smokey Grullo Dun Splash Tobiano


Smokey Grullo Dun Splash Tobiano Appaloosa (daughter of above stallion)


Blue Roan Appaloosa


Gold Champagne

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Bringing this back up as we've had quite a few nifty little additions...

New genes such as W4, to mimic the manchado phenomenon


A modifier to Sooty, called Sooty+ on the game... creates a dappled look


All kinds of new and interesting tack items, double bridles, new saddle blankets, boy clips, etc.

Get in on the fun!

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