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Equine Ideal Photo Contest

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Equine Ideal Photo Contest now open for People's Choice Voting

The Equine Ideal Photo Contest is now open for People's Choice voting! Come see all the top ten photos from each class as selected by the presiding judging panel and vote for your favorite amateur image and your favorite professional image.

The photo with the most votes in the Professional and Amateur Categories will win a Lensbaby lens and a horse photography tutorial set from Learn to take Photos.

Peoples' Choice Voting: March 4-18, 2011

Winners Announced: April 1, 2011

Go here to view all the top ten photos:

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Hmmm, the starting gate pic in the pro page & the Ammy page are of the same horses...:questionicon:

Not at all ... one is a turf race and the other is dirt. I compared both pics and they are not the same race or the same horses. According to their agreement you cannot download or reproduce them in any way so I can't post a comparison here.

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