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Outfit Making Help!

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I feel myself transitioning from teenage hooker clothes to cute "grown up" clothes.....


Any websites that premake outfits? I can't match/accesorize for the life of me. So far I've had a fabulous time with WetSeal and their outfits. However, I don't wear shorts outside of my my choices are a bit limited there.

Thank you!

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I love Gap. And they have a lot of premade outfits. Some of them are a little weird, but some are really cute.

Banana Republic is good too, though pricier.

Then there are always stores like AE, Abercrombie, PacSun. Though I think those are more teen than grown up. Depending on what you get.

Actually, a lot of clothing websites have sections that give outfit ideas. Look for "Outfits/trends/looks we love", "Look Books", etc.

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