Nikki Livermore

How Much Would You Spend To Save Your Horse?

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Anything that would put me in sever financial despair is too far. I once was a home visiting vet tech for a family, they had a dog that had DDD (degenerative disc disease) the dog had 3 spinal surgeries. The family had to take a second mortgage out on their home, use their child's college fund, and depleted their retirement account. The problem with DDD is it NEVER gets better it only gets worse with time. The dog died 5 months later from a spinal fracture they could not repair.

That is too far. To me no animal is worth ruining your life over.

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my mare lexi went through two major surgeries in the span of 4 months a few years ago. one surgery was to remove an ovarian tumor the size of a small watermelon. the other was an emergency colic surgery to save her life. we had insurance on her thankfully. they paid for $11k of the vet bills, while we paid $3k out of pocket. however, i don't think she would have lived if insurance hadn't paid for most of it. i think $5-7k is the highest amount i would go paying out of pocket. but that also depends on the emotional and real value the horse is to me.

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