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My filly turned two today and I realized that she will develop/grow for many more years to come. I know not to spend lots of money to get the saddle I want because she could potentially out grow it. That leads to me to the problem at hand. I am lucky because my relative used to have tack shop and has couple saddles that are left over.

I gave her wither drawing of my filly to compare to saddles. She currently fits into a couple saddles. She wants me to get the Pessoa because I have always been comfortable in them. However, I will not be jumping my girl for another 2 years or so depending on her bones. I have ridden in dressage saddles and I want to start my filly off correctly on the flat, so I am leaning more towards the HDR Lexus because it short flap for me and fits the girl.

Would you do? Finding a dressage saddle that fits me is hard. I will on be doing the ground work and breaking of my filly, then will turn her over for finishing by professional. However, I know that I want her to good flat work before jumping her.

I know she wants me to do the jumping saddle because you never know what the horse is going to end up liking for job (what we call the riding). Not giving the pricing because both saddles are steal!! If I could I would buy both!!!

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Getthe one that fits you AND the horse. Make sure you are both comfortable and that should do it..... If you have horses that are older then you could use some of your other saddles when u ride her.

Any questions? Just ask!

Have fun and be safe!

NWOhio Cowgirl:)

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