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Eurus Has Surgery Tomorrow!

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So Eurus has had this mass under his jaw for the last 6 months. It's not attached to the bone and has always been freely moveable. The mass get larger and smaller in size quite unpredictably and frequently has these seeping little draining tracts from it but never any pus. The field service at my vet school came out and saw it in March when it was grapefruit sized and had 2 little oozy tracts on it. It was ultrasounded and a needle aspirate collected to try to look at the cell composition of the mass but was un diagnostic. The ultrasound just showed a solitary round,well encapsulated mass. The vet at the time diagnosed a reactive lymph node. We did an antibiotic trial which shrunk it but it then came back again and again.

It is now show season and of course, no one will let me show because my horse has "strangles". The time frame is very very wrong for stragles and Eurus has never had a strangles infection and is vaccinated but that doesnt completely rule it out. The vet of course couldn't even legally sign off on the waiver for it because of the slight possibility. So seeing as I am currently on my final year in the vet school and am doing rotations through my schools equine clinic at the moment I hauled his butt into the clinic to have further diagostics done.

After a physical exam they repeated the ultrasound which showed the same thing as before but the fancier ultrasound showed us the maze of blood vessels surrounding the mass. An xray was also done of his head to rule out a tooth root problem. At this point we did an endoscopic exam of his gutteral pouchs and took a lavage of them to culture for the causative agent of strangles, strep equi as this is the place it likes to hide out in chronic shedders of the bacteria. My culture has come back clear of strep equi, but that will not hold out forever for showing as there is no guarantee he has not been exposed between the tinme of the culture and the time of the show. So he is going for surgery tomorrow to remove the mass so it will never be a problem again!!!! YAY! He has to go right under due to the tricky location and the maze of blood vessels surrounding it making standing removal impossible.

So I am on surgery rotation right now so I will get to be there through the whole thing which makes me much calmer but its also bad because I know exactly how everything can go wrong.

Wish us luck and I will take lots of pictures to show all!


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