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Gorgeous Elis Pics!

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Well since these pics aren't discipline specific and the Hunter/Jumper board is a bit slow I thought I would post it here!

Got some pics of Elis having some fun in the field! So pretty!

I also got some gorgeous new confo pics! Compare a before pic from during the winter, to now!







Free Pics!




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My Tawny has a pale colored tail, that these days i have taken to keeping bagged.. the color is soo much prettier without the yellow stains.. LOL what are you using if you dont mind me asking.. I just use the horse blue on her mane and tail.. (she is a silver dapple bay) and it seemed to help!

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BTW do you live close to where they do horse Halloween contests?? Here in Utah over in Grantville at the Pegasus event center, they have a dress up day for Halloween for the horses.. I want to make Daniel into a buckskin Pegasus.. I have to get turkey feathers to make the wings.. I bet you could get a set of inexpensive ones for your pretty pony, and maybe a glue on horn (they make this glue that sticks, and washes out wish a little warm water..wish i could remember where i found it) I bet yours would look awesome as a Pegasus.

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