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Four Hard, Hard Days At The Office

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It all started last Friday, actually Thursday, when Dusty Crary called and said we were going to brand on Friday. Ran into Low Giles that evening and he mentioned something about getting started around 6:30am. So I showed up at the gather site at the annointed time. When the others showed up and hour later I let them bring in the one white calf you see between the six of them.


Turns out they were going to bring the horses in at six thirty and ride over to the pasture area to gather what I had altogether by that time. Did save some time though and I like to ride alone. Having put in such a hard time before they got there, I oopted for a short rest before things got rolling.


Sparky opted for a short rest too, right after his horse bucked him off but unfortunately, he lay down on his side in a rather large cowpie. Took a little cleaning up and we all told him he should just quit wearing white shirts to brandings instead of trying to change the color there.


The kids got into it too, with little Bowen Rappold here runiing the marking pen for awhile. Have to mark the calves as they are branded with a large marking pen so you can keep a quick visual check of those that have been branded. Goes on the head so you can see from above horseback which have been done.


Headed and heeled and then tailed some down.


Chottie got into the roping too and also had a buck off when the rope got under her horses tail.


Had lots of ropers there thoough and things went pretty smoothly.

John, Bowens dad, was probably the best roper there.


Dusty roped of course.


and a number of others. Got done about mid-afternoon. Just wish we could have had a little more scenic background for it.

But such is life.

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then on Sunday had to head for the Seven Mile Hill Badlands. Jerry Larson, another rancher here had gotten bucked off a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could go up and check on the 500 yearlings I had helped him put in a month of so ago. Same ones we doctored a week or so before. It's around a 4000 acre pasture so I figured on spending the whole morning avoiding rattlesnakes and looking for the yearlings. But this is what I found. The whole damned herd had come into a corner of the pasture right next to the highway and were jammed up agaisnt the fence looking at cow and calves on the other sied. Recipe for disaster so decided I better get them away from there.


Being teenage cows, they are rather unpredictable so when I rode in the just all turned and looked at me wondering what was going on.


I worked around them and got over to the fence and started pushing on them gently. It took no time and they all decided to stampede into two groups but heading away from the fence and the highway which is what I wanted. Had a place in mind to get them to, but that was going to take some luck whena ll by myself. things worked out pretty good though and once I got both bunchs together they headed just the way I had hoped for. Had to do some pretty good riding to keep them on course but it all worked out. Was a beautirul day for riding, cool morning, no flies or mosquitoes,lots of sunhine and things going right.


Had to get around them to the right up this hill and make sure they stayed headed left.


Going where I want them now.


And at the destination. A big pond for them to cool of in and tons of grass around.


HOpefull they will stay there for awhile. Will check on them again later in the week.

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Then if the 4th of course had to celebrate with a parade and rodeo.



Lots of good rough stock action.




Surrogate granddaughters roping


and riding


and the village idiots taking on the wild cow milking. Note the number of men on the ground or headed that way. One even try head butting a cow (or perhaps the cow had more to do with it then he) and ended up getting an ambulance ride to the hospital. was fine though. Just bit of a headache.


Was at the rodeo for almost seven hours getting pictures of the kids. Event rides only lasted three hours but the slack went until dark. Slept real good.

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And then today since I had no ranch riding to do, decided to head for the Ear Mountain ONA. Had not been up there yet and figured it was time to see what was going on up there and get into the Pine Butte Guest Ranch and freeload some coffee and cookies.



Lots of arrowleaf balsam root.


A little scenery here and there.


Tons of wildflowers.


And some wildlife.


Momma was very upset with me (and so was Cloudee) but we all got around the whole situation with no problems. She got back to her babies and we got out of there.


Have work on my timing. Got coffena and cookies at Pine Butte but if I had been just a few minutes later, would have gotten lunch. Watched this hummingbird while I was having coffee and the cookies.


and took this pic of the boot flower planters at their tack room.


Wwas another good day and hate to brag, but I must be a tough old Phart ( thats an old fart with a little class and I have as little as anybody) to keep putting up with all this. And tomorrow have to be out early to gather the yearlings that need to be preg-tested. LIfes rough. And Phantom Horse, if you read this, just load up and come on out. Or anyone else. And we will ride.

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Wow !! and Wow !! again I've said it before and I'll say it again

your pic's are the reason for H.C....

I'd sure love to take you up on that invation

and if you or anyone is concerned about the high cost of

fuel get in touch with me and I can show you a better way !!

Many thanks

P.C.S. :smileywavey:

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I would absolutely love to go out that way and see this scenery in-person, but your pictures always make me feel like I'm actually there anyway. LOL Thanks for sharing!

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Wow is right. Oh I feel so bad for you having to endure an office like that!

So gorgeous out there. I love the bear cub in the tree. I'm sure Cloudy didn't really like it so much knowing momma was so close by.

Thanks for sharing.

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Only thing about looking at your pictures is I have a hard time coming up with something to say about them, other than GREAT thanks for sharing. Best Wishes. PD

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Phantom Horse, if you read this, just load up and come on out. Or anyone else. And we will ride.

someday, somehow, i will most definitely take you up on that.

your photos always leave me in a crazy combination of awe and envy!

thank you so much for sharing.

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Enjoyed the stories and pics from your office. You have some mighty fine views from that office window!!! My husband spent some time in Montanna and N.D. the past few months. He's been working around in Wyoming a little now.

Next time he's out your way, I may hook up the trailer, load some horses and come visit ya! I know I've been sayin that for awhile, but maybe I can make it out there someday for real!

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Grouchy: Great pictures again. Thanks for the invite. I am planning on another trip to the Bob again this summer. It will be the 1st 2 weeks in August. If your not busy in the office maybe we can hook up for a little ride. Nolan

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Have no idea of trailer make there IS. Were a number of them and I didn't look.

Trail Hoss. HOpe you can make it someday too. Would love it.

REd River: I'll be around. Visiting a friend in Calgary the end of July and first of August but will be back late the 1st and not planning on going anywhere. Names in the book. Choteau

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