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The Letter Game!

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I really want to play the letter game (which Wikipedia explains much more clearly than I could). It's a little slower and longer-form than conventional RPing, but that appeals to me and hopefully to some other people here too. So. Anyone down?

You can post with some interests or message someone who has!

I'll start. My current recurring and letter-writing interests are like... Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde, supernatural and fantastical elements, comedies of manners, boarding schools, eras where writing letters seems natural, the 19th century, Soulless, the French Revolution, pre-Revolution France, cursive writing, social espionage, mistaken identities, mythology, magic, and tea! (Not all at the same time.) Really though, I'm down for almost anything (except historical accuracy, ahaaa) and will always reply within two weeks.

Message me for an email address and then send a letter, OR message me with some interests and your email address and I'll send the first letter!

(Here's hoping this gets off the ground, haha.)

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