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Your Opinion, Pregnant Or Not?

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I recently bought a mare in April who had been rescued. She had two foals at her side and was pastured with a stallion until I bought her. Since getting her, she has yet to go into heat even when approached by a gelding. She actually fought constantly with the gelding who I later had to send home. (Was a friends horse) She has went from skin and bones to now being huge. When I first got her, the vet said to put her on Senior feed and I did up until she was normal weight. I went back to 10% Sweet feed, didn't seem to slow her down. I'm not overfeeding her, maybe underfeeding her because I think she is just getting fat.

She was dewormed in January before I got her, in April when she arrived, July a few days ago and I'm now starting daily wormer. So being wormy isn't an issue here.

The vet was called out back in April, which her statement was very confusing. She first did an rectal palpation and said "I don't feel anything but her cervix is hard which happens in pregnancy." Moving on to the ultrasound she didn't say much of anything, just that she wasn't in foal. I've heard its possible for a vet to mistake it.

Though this isn't another "is my mare pregnant" issue. I just want to have fun and see what everyone else thinks. The vet is returning this week.











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I would get her ultrasounded again. Vet do make mistakes sometimes (They are human!) and getting them rechecked is never a bad plan, espeically since her body condition was so poor when you got her. She also may have just had a foal in the past, and that will make them look preggo even if they are not.

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Yup, vets can make mistakes.

I bought my mare after the previous owner had the vet out and she was deemed not pregnant and not breeding sound.

I had a foal on the ground five months later. Whoops!

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