Leather "one Peice" Purse

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Hi Guys, Been awhile. This summer my purse gave out, so I decided to make one instead of buying one. I had all the leather, dye and tools, so why not? I really like how it came out...not too big, not too small. I measured what size I would need for everything...then made a pattern to match the size.

This was made out of 1 peice of leather, with the exception of the strap. Hand tooled and sewn. I am happy with I thought I would show it to you.







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Very very nice! :happy0203: a friend of mine who makes super awesome purses has been after me for months to try to make one for myself. I don't carry them much, so I kind of didn't think about making one. maybe I will give it a crack.

I love the color maybe designs on yours. I especially like how you put a design on the bottom. very cool

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Gorgeous!!! If I carried a normal-sized purse, instead of the tiny thing I do carry, I'd have you make me one.

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