Some Jumping Pics

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I don't jump often anymore, but I played with my green-ish mare over some fences yesterday. I tend to be a chronic jump-ahead-er/ducker/tipper, I tried to work on it yeserday and my mare was a saint as I tried to wait for her. As you can see the results aren't pretty, but better than having my whole body climbing up her neck...

Hollow here, probably because of something I'm doing.



And some awkward distances...



Anyway, I think my mare is super cute, even though we are both far from perfect. Critiques and advice are welcome, I need help not interfering with my horses jump.

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I also tend to be an over-jumper and its something you def. have to focus on. It looks like you did a good job not jumping ahead :)

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Have a fantastic and very simple way to help to fix the ducking/jumping ahead habit - a trainer used it on me when I was a junior and I have used it with many of my clients, always with success. When you are on the approach to a jump, put both reins in one hand (doesn't really matter which hand, just go with the most comfortable) and put the other hand behind your back. That's it. Once you get on the straight line to a jump, make sure you've got you're pace and are otherwise organized, go one-handed, take both reins back on the landing side, and repeat. Many riders have come to me with a chronic case of "over-jumping", and, while I can't tell you exactly why it works (several plausible theories), but it does have an immediate effect on them without really having to "do" anything or risk impeding their horse off the ground or in the air. Practice this as much as possible (do it from the trot, from the canter, over xrails, over higher fences, through gymnastics, everywhere)to help re-wire your muscle memory, and begin going back and forth between one hand and both hands on the reins. Focus on the feeling of jumping one-handed to translate when you go back to normal.

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