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Xc Pics!

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i figure most of you probably frequent the H/J forum too, but i thought i would post them here too!

don't know if you guys remember last year i took my pony XC schooling! we usually do dressage, this is our 2nd time ever going XC and the last time we jumped was a year ago, the last time we went XC haha. we both barely know how to jump, so feel free to critique but be nice! we mostly jumped little stuff and it was just me and my friend so we didn't have anyone to coach us. it was soooooooooo fun my horse was amazing! at the end i decided to jump a one stride combo, which i shouldn't have done bc he was getting tired and he was being so good and brace i shouldn't have pushed it, but hindsight is 20 20. anyways he ran out and i fell off, lol...tried it twice more and eventually we got over it, and then realized his shoe was lose and got off. i'm really nervous that he won't be as brave next time cause he had a bad experience, but i can't beat myself up too much...i'm just happy we ended on a good note, with us getting over both fences!

heres some pics! my friends dad came :)


the combo, the 1st jump...this is after i fell off, hence the dirty butt haha


the combo again, the 1st time we jumped the 1st jump, you can see he was slightly nervous hence the wayyy overjumping it.




he puts his head down soooo far, i try really hard not to catch him in the mouth but its hard cause i'm not super balanced or experienced jumping. hes so handsome though hehe


can kinda see our dressage experience haha


me and my friend galloping, vito got a little wild when he did this haha!


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one of the 1st jumps we did...caught him in the mouth a little, i wasn't prepared for him to pull down so hard haha


my friend and her pony doing the same jump!



warming up!


i love this was sooooooooo fun!!

anyways ya feel free to critique but be nice! and please don't hound me about jumping that combo and him running out...i already feel really bad!!! poor little pone pone hes so good

ETA heres a pic of us in our usual gear, at a dressage show!!


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