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2011 Secret Santa Sign Ups!

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When you email, please remember to put your screen name in the subject or I will have no clue who you are. (Sorry, I don't even call Eskie by her real name!)

Email is:

Please read these rules carefully. There are no exceptions to these rules.


-All Secret Santa's must be 18 years or older.

-All Secret Santa's must have at least 1000 posts to their HC name (not names or combination of names) by the sign up deadline date (October 21st)

-The gift should be a minimum of $25 (excluding shipping), no less than $25 , with maximum of $50. Make your gift one that you would like to receive yourself. Put lots of pride and love into your exchange gift. If in doubt, look at some past exchanges to see what types of things have been sent. Remember this is a gift YOU want to receive yourself, don't be cheap. You can buy lots of things on sale, and end up with a gift box, with a ton of items in it. Or you can buy one big item and some other smaller items to go with it.

-To sign up:

1) Send an email to "" with your "screen name & HC Exchange" in the subject, full name, mailing address, email address and phone number in the body. If you've participated in the exchange before, please list the board buddies you've already gifted if you wish to not receive them again. Email must be received no later than OCTOBER 21st 2011

2) Reply to this post with your likes, dislikes, wish list, sizes, etc. Family members their ages and names, pets, favorite colors, do you have allergies, so on and so forth.

We also need you to FREQUENTLY check your PM's. Sometimes S.S.'s need more info. Anyone not checking pm's/emails and replying promptly within 3 days will be excluded from the exchange. Slow replies/no replies will result in being dropped from the exchange. Excuses will not be tolerated or accepted. If you cannot dedicate yourself to this exchange please do not participate.

-PM's or emails will be sent to all Secret Santa's with their recipient no later than Sunday October 23rd . Start buying a few items right now. Were starting a week early this year to give everyone a little more time to shop and not be so rushed!

-Secret Santa participants MUST reply to their recipient pm/email NO LATER THAN Tuesday October 25th, or I will assume you no longer want to participate and I WILL reassign!!! If at anytime you cannot participate, you need to let us know before sign up deadline arrives.

-Gifts need to be mailed out BEFORE December 1st, and again I need an email letting me know that the gift has been sent, date it was sent, along with a tracking number. NO exceptions! You must have a tracking number. Don't wait till the last day to send. Send as early as possible. There is no excuse for sending late, and no excuse for not giving a tracking number.

Senders from outside the USA must have a tracking number, and your deadline to ship is November 18th. If you have a problem shipping outside the USA, which will cost extra postage, please inform us of that fact. In this random drawing of names, we will try our hardest to not give you someone you've already had, but it is difficult sometimes to change things, so please bear with us.

Please wrap your gifts as though they are loaded with dynamite and will blow any second. Don't put fragile on the box, it only guarantees it will be treated like all other packages. (Translates into the box will be used for substitute football demos... coming DIRECTLY from a UPS Driver!) Shavings are good packaging material, and a small amount of insurance on the pkg wouldn't hurt.

-Once you have received your gift, I also need an email/pm to let me know you have received it. Don't assume I know you have. My memory is not that good.

You MUST POST on the official I RECEIVED MY S.S. GIFT THREAD. Your S.S. is waiting to find out if you got it, or if you even liked what you got. A simple Thank You is always appreciated.

**** Please do your best to have photos to post. I don't think I can technically "require" it...but please do your best even if you have to borrow a digital camera or something. ****Or picture message me a picture on my phone and I can post it for you! Pm for my phone number if needed

-The S.S. list will be revealed on December 28th (unless otherwise noted) on HorseCity General ChitChat.

-If someone signs up and fails to send a gift out by the deadline date, goes past the deadline date, or fails to meet the minimum dollar limit, your name WILL BE ADDED to the dead beat list, and passed along to any and all future exchanges. Once on the dead beat list, you will remain there, and not be allowed to participate on any future exchanges, nor organize one. If you have been on a previous exchange and did not get your gift out to your recipient, or it was not received by your recipient, you're probably on the dead beat list. You are responsible for tracking your gift to make sure it arrives at its intended destination. If problems arise, please let ESKIE or myself know.

If you have any further questions please contact Me at , or Amanda Meeker on facebook. I?m almost always online

So far we have signed up












Cody N Honey









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Email sent. I love this time of year, it's my favorite!

Family Members - Me, my husband and our cat.

Cat - torti/calico named Acorn. She really loves kitty treats & cat nip. Really, anything she can eat is a plus in her book. She does not appreciate it when I try to put clothes on her.

Husband - Loves hot tea, wears a size large t-shirt, very much into computers & cooking. Really likes most colors, lol. Tends to favor dark blues & greens.

Myself - i wear a size small or medium, I like books, crocheting & gardening (well, indoor gardening since we're still apartment bound). Not really a pink or neon fan, but other than that I like pretty much any color. My favorite is blue. I like candles (husband LOVES fire, men). Favorite scents are warm, homey smells. Like vanilla, apple spices, hazelnut.

In general -

We just moved to New York from Ohio and I expect it to be cold. I hate the cold.

We are hoping to move out of our apartment next spring/summer and finally buy a house and get a dog!

My sister just had a baby and I am enjoying being an Aunt, even if baby Londyn lives 10ish hours away.

Even though I don't currently have horses, or see them in my immediate future, western is my discipline of choice.

We are both big fans of: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrested Development, Firefly (I'm a browncoat at heart) Mike Birbiglia, Dave Matthews, Country music in general

Anyone who wants can add me as a friend on facebook - Facebook

**I realize this is a pretty poor list, but I will be back to update it. The husband decided he was done playing MarioKart and wants to go to the store as I was typing it up**

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This will be my first year participating so Im excited!

Family members: myself, husband

Pets: 2 Pugs, 2 cats, 2 horses (standardbreds)

Riding discipline: English and Western, I also drive my horses

Likes: carriage driving, trail riding, horse showing, dogs, Amish decor, Christian fiction, autobiographies, flower gardening, hand made (by others!) crafts, whimsical country decor

Sizes: Im 4'10" and 103 pounds and hard to fit but most tops are L and most bottoms are S. Shoe 6M, wrist 7", ring 7

Favorite colors: pale yellow, khacki, army green, navy blue

Farm colors: Hunter green & burgundy (Double Standards Farm)

Dislikes: Fruitcake! (sorry, just had to say that)

Music tastes: Pink, Jackson Browne, Backstreet Boys

Favorite scents: lavender, honeysuckle, lilacs, Jean Nate, Perlier

Favorite authors: Nicholas Sparks, Beverly Lewis

Guess that's it! :yahoo::smileywavey:

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Email Sent.

I like sewing ( for little girls ) Dresses or Jumpers

I love cinnamon smells, country decor.

Brooke wears 4 T (no pants unless its PJ's ), Ashton is in 12 months n up. Blue is handsome on him...

Toys..Brooke loves dolls..and ashton likes noisy soft stuff..

Caleb wears an XXL..I wear a Medium..and would love some new PJ's .I would be a medium.

3 horses. Brushes is needed.. Hard and soft.

Love chocolate...LOVE IT! hehe..Sour soothers, and warheads!

No allergies..only sulfa drugs :rolleye0014:

Wording to put on walls...anything to do with family.

Not a fan of smelly bodywashes..unless its Dove or something along that line.

Christian Music...Or Kenny G instrumental...

I dunno what else to add.

Exercise books or Cardio..etc etc..

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I have been waiting all year for this thread!!

I am so in.. :yahoo:

I like white chocolate and caramel.

I like lotions and body soaps. Mango/pomegranite is a favorite smell with body soaps, and I like vanilla scents as well . I love fall scents in candles such as pumpkin, apple cinnamon, apple spice, brown sugar. I dislike, REALLY dislike anything flowerey for candles or lotions.

Edited again cause Bath and Body is out of the Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin lotion that I REALLY REALLY REALLY like. Every store in the valley sold out of it within a week of getting it in stock. So, if someone could find it in their Bath and Body that would be great.

I absoulutely LOVE white chocolate and caramel.

I collect Painted Ponies. (ebay has a ton of them) :happy0203:

but I don't like the indian type ones, I like the Christmas ones, and the "real" ones.

I love Snowman, and can never have to many.

I have 4 dogs (2 English Bulldogs, a Chihuahua and a Pug/peke mix.) We also have one cat. They all love treats. And we need leashes. I used to have about 6 of them, but we are down to 2 now. I like animal printed ones..

My house is decorated in rustic country. Old wood frames, metal stars.. things like that.

Did I mention I like Caramel????

I read romance novels such as Jude Deveruex, Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts. I have most everything written by them, but any books along those lines are good.

I have been looking for a classy horse outline to put on the back of my Escalade. Nothing huge or gaudy just a simple outline of a horse.

I can still use horse supplies such as mane/tail detangler, combs, and a purple cotton lead rope since Sonora broke mine.. LOL.

oh, and in case I forgot, I do like caramel. LOL.. :happy0203:

I like Zero bars and Coconut M&M's.

If I think of anything else, I will edit.

Edited cause I now have a pair of stirrups on the way, thanks to a sweeter than heck BB!!!

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2pacers i havent recieved an email from you but im looking forward to it!!!

Really? I did send one right after I sent the post. Hmm, I'll send another one. Please let me know if you dont receive it!

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I'm in!!

Family members: Me, DH, dog, lovebirds, and various other animals.

Dog- Yoko, Australian shepherd, 11 months old, loves rope toys, squeaky toys, and treats. Her colors are anything neon. Would love to have a collar (18-22inches) and leash that match (leash must be tough/metal. She is "ruff" on them).

Lovebirds- Sherbert and Cerulean. Love toys with bells and leather

Me- teacups, egg cups, horse decor, art supplies, sour gummies, ink pens, notebooks, sharpies, candles, painted ponies, ceramic tiles, rub-on transfers, stickers, rubber stamps, tumbled tiles

DH- *sigh* a kick in the butt? He's a truck driver so he pretty much lives in the semi.

Favorite color is black. Yoko's color is hot pink or anything neon. My house is going to be decorated in horses. Hmmm, I guess that's it.


Sayge: what kind of candy do you like? Anything that your allergic to? Do you like lotions or candles? Do you eed anything for your house?

candy- sour gummies

lotions- not so much

candles- Love candles (except cinnamon ones), but I really love the little scented wax blocks/pellets that you put in the warmer thing. We've recently found fire and Yoko don't mix.

Allergic-wasps, please don't send me any

house- no, I just camp out in this apartment. It's not my house. Just shelter.

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Sayge: what kind of candy do you like? Anything that your allergic to? Do you like lotions or candles? Do you eed anything for your house?

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Can we edit so all the info is on ONE post.. THANK YOU it makes it SOOO much easier for your SS to find your info if its all in one spot...

Thank you everyone! appreciate it

AND 2pacers Still havent gotten anything sorry

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Email sent. Editing this post so it's easier to find mine. =]

My nickname is Andi and I'm 25 years old.


Bath & Body Works Candles (they usually have GREAT sales!)-Twisted Peppermint, Winter Candy Apple, Creamy Pumpkin, Snow Apple Mint, Secret Wonderland, Twilight Woods

Twilight/ New Moon/ Eclipse/ Breaking Dawn

Barrel Racing

Western Decor

Native American Decor


Paint Horses

Quarter Horses

CSI: NY and Miami


Smallville (I collect the seasons on DVD. Missing 6-8)

Colors- Chocolate Brown, Neon Pink, Lime Green, Turquoise, Purple, Black


SKITTLES. OMG, I'm craving them like CRAZY right now!

Silver Jewelry with AB crystals- mainly earrings or bracelets


Candles in- peppermint, vanilla, cinnamon, clean fresh scents, wildberry, watermelon/ any melon, "beachy" scents, lemon, orange, grapefruit, mango, peach, or combinations of them.

Lip Glosses, Chap Stick, etc. Pinky shades that look good with any complexion, and light glitters.


Musky, rosy, etc scents.

Gold Colored Jewelry

Hubby- Joey. 22 years old. He's into hunting, fishing, etc.

I have one daughter... Jordan Renee. She's almost 3 and in 3T- 4T clothing right now. She loves soft fuzzy sleepy animals and soft fuzzy blankets. I have one on the way, due Dec. 2nd. AnnaLynne Morgan, girl=] I've been searching for a really soft "security" item.

I would love something that expresses the personality of the person sending, or something that there is two of... one for me, one for you.

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What's the earliest we can send a gift? I want to participate, but I'm due Dec. 2nd and expected to go early. Don't want to take a chance of being in the hospital and missing the deadline. Very excited that we finally are getting back on track with finances and have a few dollars to spare. =] Thought I was going to miss out this year!

You can send as soon as you are done buying. There are no rules that say you have to wait till Dec 1st to ship.

So glad you want to join again!!

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Age: 25

Height: I'm tiny, 5ft

Size: I can't remember the time I bought clothes. I guess small. I'm very thin and petite.

Likes: Goats obviously. Let's see what else..computers, I'm never off mine it seems. Cooking, I LOVE to cook. Especially fancy food that I can experiment with lol. Mushrooms are a favorite, realistic ones, I decorate my kitchen in mushrooms. I also love eating mushrooms! LOL. Breyers, even the little stablemates, although I collect the larger ones mostly now. I also repaint them so old rubbed ones are always welcome. Also like fantasy creatures like dragons, griffons, pegasus and unicorns. As long as they aren't silly looking.

Dislikes: Girly stuff LOL. I never wear jewelry, I hate clothes shopping. Don't really wear perfume. Don't use makeup unless I HAVE to, don't style my hair.

Scents: Vanilla is my favorite for all things smelly good.

Colors: Cerulean blue. Lol. I also like greens and teals.

Allergies: Not really anything that could be shipped lol.

I live with my husband, Steven, who is 26 and huge LOL. 6'2". He wears a large usually. He loves to play video games and eat. Is a sucker for the Longhorns and Dodge Vipers haha.

I have four dogs. Two Boxers, an adult 4lb Chihuahua (the queen) and a 24lb chihuahua/doxie mix. Lady, Junebug, Luna, Star are their names.

I have goats. Nigerians and Nubians. I love my goats! (If you haven't figured that out by now)

I have a MFT pony mare named Apple. She has a big ol horse sized head though. Her color is navy blue. I also have a May born MFT colt, Spyder. His color is hunter green. Both the goats and ponies share treats. They'll eat just about anything really...

I imagine that's quite enough information to go on LOL. I'd better stop myself or I'll be writing forever.

Looking forward to getting my pal and having a shopping trip.

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I geuss i better do my list too LOL

i would LOVE anything having to do with the miniature horse breed.. Ex. Decals t shirts bags ect ANYTHING to do with the mini horse and ill be HAPPY

Im 24 and married hubby loves bow hunting and fishing he wears a medium to a large

My daughter is 2 her name is Isabell shes VERY spoiled wears a size 4T.. LOVES pink and her pony. Or tigger and pooh bear. Her room is done up in lavender with butterflies.

I wear a size small to medium

I no longer ride at all I own ALL miniature horses

Theres hawk hes 3 and 37 inches tall wears a weanling sized halter but also needs to be completly adjustable arround the nose. i use purple for him

And nemo my weanling hes 26 inches tall wears a miniture horse sized halter as long as its totally adjustable. And i use blue for nemo

He could use a size XL dog blanket LOL no im not kidding all my miniature horse blankets are too big for him

Please NO horse treats

id LOVE a stethescope

Any horse medical supplies such as vet wrap, ointments ect are always welcome

Im a SUCKER for new grooming supplies lol can never have enuff or lead ropes!!!!!

IM HIGHLY alergic to pine anything even candles PLEASE dont send me anything pine...

LOve vanilla or orange or even pumpkin pie scents and love candles but dont use much as far as lotions...

I dont really have a favorite color....

I have 1 dog her name is Annie shes a puggle arround 25 inches and fat lol

LOVE any sort of western decor..

i love to sew so any scrap material is welcome or sewing items at all like velcro ribbions ect

i love white chocolate but HATE any sort of peanutbutter chocolate mix EWWW lol but love snickers i know weird LOL

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I will not be participating this year, but have fun everyone! I look forward to seeing what ideas everyone comes up with again this year.

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Am I reading the rules right? They state that we have to sign up no later than Oct 21. Yet we must have 1,000 posts by Nov 5. Does this mean that if we don't have 1k by the sign up date that we still have 15 days to accumulate the remaining number of posts?

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No you read that right i made a mistake and missed it even when i re read it you have till October 21st to get ALL 1000 posts and to send in your email :ashamed0002: my mistake! SORRY thanks for catching that

ETA i fixed it now thanks Luther

Edited by meeker_gurl8789

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Email Sent :smileywavey:

I am going to be 23 years old in December and I start spring semester in college in January. I'm short 5'3". I wear size large shirts and sweat shirts as I like them roomy.

I like the colors purple, blue, and PINK!

I have an S.O. We've been together almost 5 years (will be five in December also!). He's 23 years old and will be finishing up his last semester of Engineering school in December. (woot!!) He wears an XL, likes all things manly, reads all things manly, and spends a lot of time twisting wrenches and working on all things manly. (He doesn't NEED anything though so don't feel you have to buy for him!)

I'm a big sock fan. Especially fun socks. Like penguins. :happy0203:

I LOVE penguins. Anything penguin and I will love it. (see above statement regarding penguin socks. lol!)

I have 2 horses, a mini mule, a pit/lab cross male dog, and a female turtle named Marie Antoinette.

I love books. I read a lot of educational horse books like conformation, hoof, driving, riding, and training books. I also love all books about aquatic turtles and I'm currently working on setting up a vivarium. :smilie: I do have one aquatic turtle book already and I will be sure to update with the book i already have. :ashamed0002:

Used tack is just fine. I'm looking for a used mini leather harness for my mule (keep dreaming i know!) and rope halters are always appreciated. I could use a new brush or two also.

I like candles. Mostly apple or pastry/cake scents. Cotton and "clean" scent candles are awesome too.

I like candy but it's not something you have to send me. I don't really need the extra calories before the holidays.

Fitness gear is cool too! Water bottles, pedometers/fitness meters, towels, and small gym bags are awesome. I could also use a new pair of cheap earbud head phones for my ipod/cell phone so I can listen to music while I work out.

Please no treats for the horses or the dog. Rebel (the dog) does like toys though. He's very hard on them so rope toys or "tire tough" toys only. I don't let him have tennis balls as he DESTROYS them and I worry he will like..freakin' inhale one with his big mouth or choke on the pieces.

I don't wear much in the way of jewelry other than the occasional bracelet or watch.

Seeing as I will be in college, and I like to try and stay organized, a planner/date book would be cool. Notebooks, folders, etc...

I'm not much for lotion or bath stuff as my skin is sensitive. I rarely use lotion and have maybe 50 bottles of the stuff from past holidays. lol.

That's about all I can think of. Practical gifts for school and stuff are what I'm asking for from everyone. No "fun" gifts on my list this year, which I know might make it harder. lol. I will update more later if I think of anything else.

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I also love all books about aquatic turtles and I'm currently working on setting up a vivarium. :smilie: I do have one aquatic turtle book already and I will be sure to update with the book i already have. :ashamed0002:'re one of THOSE people. :rotf:

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Are you kidding me? I sent it three times, twice last night and once just now. Im going to send you a PM with my info, ok? Im sorry, I dont know what the problem could be. :confused0024:

Can we edit so all the info is on ONE post.. THANK YOU it makes it SOOO much easier for your SS to find your info if its all in one spot...

Thank you everyone! appreciate it

AND 2pacers Still havent gotten anything sorry

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Just sent you a PM with my info

im really not sure either i pmed you on here too.. and inclluded my phone number just incase...

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Sooo Excited! Can't wait!

okay, so the list

I am 5'3'' typically wear a M or L shirt, when in doubt go bigger. I like animal shirts (wolf, except for the snarling ones, and Horses a lot) maroons, dark greens or blues, greys, muted reds, nothing too bright. I am still looking for a good iguana shirt. "The Mountain" t-shirts are typically the brand I buy, and styles like that. Hooded sweaters are always good, as i go through many per winter season, no zipper preferred. Wolf and horse socks are also great, and good thick socks as I go through a lot of them during the winter months.

I have 4 dogs, a wolf/husky/gsd/dobe mix, two malamute crosses, and pit-bull puppy. The dogs enjoy rope toys and large tennis balls, treats are okay as long as they don't have wheat, corn, or glutton in them two of my dogs are allergic to corn and one is allergic to wheat and glutton.

I have 1 iguana, but there really isn't much you can get him lol

I have 5 cats, most anything catnip will do them just fine, they tend to be rough on toys, so pillows are great. They like the greenies treats and the Viva La Venison (which is a food, but I use a treat)

The kitten got a collar, but any light up toys would be great for him. Sorry if the person who got me already got him a collar, my sister sent one for him.

I have 6 horses: no treats please, as I have some very picky eaters. Their colors are navy, maroon, and hunter green, typical horse size. Brushes and shampoos are always good (no cowboy magic though) and no rope halters please, I have too many lol. Mane bags would be Great, Gingers mane is getting slightly out of control.

Other then that I like wolf, native American dream-catcher and horse house decor, I love the wooden face clocks with either wolf or horse designs.I love the "American Expedition" Mustang, paint, quarterhorse and Wolf items. I also like horse photo-frames, but not rodeo ones. Wall hangings that horse or wolf or dream-catchers are great.

Love the trail of painted ponies, just started collecting them and so far, just have ornaments, no figurines (though I really want one).

I love Apple scented candles (no cinnamon though)

I love doing puzzles, again horses and wolf are the best, the more pieces the better. Preferably with no people in them.

I love cookies and cookie dough, chocolate-chip are my favs

I am also a starving (I mean striving) artist who works in acrylic, watercolor, pastels (oil and soft), graphite, colored pencil, ink, and charcoal, so any items related to those medias would be great. I also do beading and jewelry making.

I love camping and trailriding, so anything you think I could use for that would be great, I am a real outdoorsy person, but not a hunting or camo person.

I like country music, Gary Allan, Allan Jackson, Trace Atkins, Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Reba are some of my favorites. Like both old and new country.

Not really a big candy person other then straight caramel and chocolate covered coffee beans.

I love blankets. Polar Fleece are the best, love the horse and wolf ones.

I like stained glass window handings and windchimes (usual animals).

Right now, Kitchen is horse, Den is wolves, living room is dream catchers, and my bedroom is native american horses. Whole house has a log cabin sort of feel to it.

*when it comes to horse stuff, I like the wild/native american horse better then the discipline(reining, roping, rodeo, jumping, dressage) type horse

I will add more as I think of it.

Edited by Gingerpie98

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Ginger, am I mistaken or do I remember you from the "Never Ending Story" thread. I believe you were trying to reach 1,000 posts at the time. If I'm right I'm glad to see you made it to 1,000.

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