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Ok so a week or two ago my horse threw one of his front shoes. The farrier came and put a new one on but yesterday he threw it again while I was riding. It took a little chuck of hoof off and now his hoof is pretty cracked and everything but he 's not limping or anything like that so far. I didn't even know he threw it till I was done riding when my mom noticed cause he was running just fine. So I am in a horse show tomorrow doing Flags and we can't get a farrier out to pull the other three shoes off. Is it safe to ride him in the show still? Please help me thanks.

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NO. You should NOT ride the horse with only three shoes. Would you like to run around with 3 high heels on? Same thing. A horse can go with just two shoes on the front, or two on the back, but not three. Also, if you think your horse needs shoes, you should ALWAYS know how to pull them in case something like this happens.

ETA: When your farrier DOES come out you should tell him to show you how to pull a shoe correctly.

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