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So, Im a learning artist.

I water colour, ink, arcylic, pastel, color pencil, anything.

My main subjects are animals, more specifically horses and dogs.

I have a few questions though, for you other artists out there..

1. How do you get pastels to blend better? I can get the lines to smudge together, but I hardly ever get the colors to not blend.

2. How do you blend water colors better? I hate adding another layer to the painted area, and I just want it to look all over smoother.

3. What brands of paint, pencils, paper, etc would you suggest?

And finally--!

How can I upload these pictures of my art from my phone? I don't always get a chance to be on a computer, but I have an iPhone 4, and want to upload them for you all to see and critque.

<3 Thanks in advance!

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