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Had A Purebred Irish Draught Colt Fall Into My Lap!

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He is a 5 month old Stud colt, SON of Hangon Johnny (If you know anything about RIDs, Johnny is sought after- a lot) and a purebred colored mare (not RID, but purebred ID).

I talked to the owner and found out she did not want to trade horses. Sigh. It was expected but I took the chance and got the answer I expected. Anyhow, after chatting with the owner and sharing our pony-tude experiences we found that we both wanted to start driving horses. I have the cart dreams are made of, she has the horse built for the sport (the colts mother).

Turns out, I wanted the colt more than the cart and she wants a good home for him more than cash-

SOOOO we are trading this week later!!!

This is a breed I have been researching for 5 years and trying to save up for, with the intentions of buying or breeding a much lesser quality purebred than that of what I am getting. I expected another 5 years minimum before I could afford a ID or RID mare to breed, or buy a foal outright.

I found a picture of his Sire standing up for conformation (I think it is the ONLY one taken this way) and compared them side by side. They look like they could have been the same horse! Wanted to post a picture and let you all look.

Sorry the picture is a little distorted.

Tell me what you think-

**Note, I do not own, nor claim to own the sire. (His picture is on the left)**


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AW MAN!!! I looked at breeding my mare to Hangon Johnny! But my mare is infertile!! :bang_head: :bang_head:


Are you in the MN area?

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Got you PM. Thanks for the extra info! I'll be keeping that PM! hehe. I've a Spanish Arabian in mind for for future endeavors! ;)

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