Weekly Photography Challenge 9

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I hope everyone enjoyed last weeks challenge of leading lines. Though there were not many entries, there were still some great photos. I realize that everyone is probably busy with Thanksgiving and their families, especially since Christmas is right around the corner. However, without further adieu here are my favorites from last week.

Remember, these are just my favorites and my personal opinion. EVERYONE got some great shots!!!! The favorites, are also in no particular order, just the ones that caught my eye in the order in which they were posted.

Saudimack: Love this shot, the corner of the building leads your eye all the way to the clock at the top. NIce composition and lighting. Good job :winking:


HollywoodStarlette: I really loved how the row of corn leads your eye all the way to the subject, which is the barn, a perfect depiction of leading lines.


Tenacious Tins: I had a hard time deciding between these two shots, and since there were not many entires this week, I decided to post them both. I really love how the eyes follows the road which disappears behind the hills, it makes you wonder where it's going, the lighting is also perfect in this photo. I also loved the snow, your white balance is perfect, as the snow appears "true white" and not grey and the eye is lead by the trees as the road disappears. two very wonderful shots, thank you for sharing..... :notworthy:



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Hi Everyone,

This is our ninth weekly photography challenge. The challenge will run from Sunday 20th November 2011 starting at 10pm through Sunday, 4th December 2011 ending at 9pm. Eastern Standard Time. After that time I will go through all the photos posted and decide the three top photos that best depicted the challenge. The top three (and any other photos I thought deserved an honorable mention) will be posted/announced on the thread that begins the following weeks challenge. There will be no prizes given out. However the purpose of this is to challenge your photo taking ability. That way you can learn more about your camera and how to look at everyday things differently. It will help you to think outside the box and will be a ton of fun to share photos with fellow board members. We will try this out a few weeks and I will make a decision based on the popularity of it as to wether or not I will continue to post the challenges weekly or bi weekly or end the challenges completely. So remember your participation is needed to keep this alive. :)

There are two rules to the challenge

1) ABSOLUTELY NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. This means the photo that you post MUST have been taken by you.

2) NO CRUEL COMMENTS OR CRITICIZING. This thread may also be used for photography discussion, however please resist the urge to criticize other peoples work. Remember everyone has different views and perspectives on the challenges and just because someone's view is different then yours it does not make it wrong. However please feel free to discuss photography and if someone asks for opinions or feedback, please feel free to give it.

Also, you may post as many photos as you would like, this thread is not a contest, instead a way to share and stretch your ability to take different kinds of photos. So feel free to post away. The more pictures you take the better you will get at it. Don't worry about your photos being "mediocre" :) This is a way to learn to better your photography skills. It's a learning process for everyone. So have lots of fun! I look forward to all the pictures! :)

Now that all the boring stuff has been gone over, let the fun begin! :) Our ninth weekly photography challenge will be "GIVING THANKS"! For this challenge I would like to see someone or something you give thanks for, or a photo of someone or something appreciating what they have. ie: family or a job. A photo of you and you family laughing and cooking thanksgiving together. Or of a child saying their bed time prayers, or of the thanksgiving food itself. I would also like to see you consider lighting, shutter speed and depth of field while composing your shots. Something, fun and unique that gives a perspective of what you appreciate or what others appreciate this time of year. Since I know everyone will be busy with cooking, family and other things I'm extending this challenge until December 4th at 9pm, therefore you have two weeks worth of shooting, I look forward to everyones pictures and creativity. I can't wait to see what you all can get! :happy0203: Since I can not seem to find my back up disk that has all of last years Thanksgiving photos on it, I will also be taking pictures with you all this week, and will post mine in this reply when I have some. Since I have no examples, don't be afraid to ask me any questions about the challenge, i'm always happy to help!!! Well, HAPPY SHOOTING! AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU! :smileywavey:

Just a note all of my photos are shot with a Canon Rebel Xti with different lenses. I usually shoot on M (manual mode) Meaning I set the aperture, shutter speed and ISO for taking a shot. I prefer to shoot this way because it gives me control over getting a creatively correct exposure.

Someone I am VERY thankful for. :) My fiance' and best friend, Corey


Corey and Vegas


What are Thanksgiving is usually spent doing.... FOOTBALL!! :)

Corey and one of my brothers.


My three brothers.


My brother Michael.


Brother Daniel


My dad doing his favorite Thanksgiving activity... napping, here he found a nephew in law that needed a nap as well.


My mom and her dog Tinkerbell.... Looking like Santa Clause threw up all over them.... lol


Food of course!


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Aww thanks for mentioning my pics :happy0203: The first one is leading to the top of a mountain...we had stopped to give the car a break (going down) and I just happened to notice how cool the road looked. It was going to the top of Mount Washington which is a good 4 hours away from here but oh my, worth the drive! The second pic is what our back roads look like after a winter storm. I took that pic a long time ago!

Here are my preliminary entrances as I am not sure I will be able to attend Thanksgiving this year. I should be able to but you never know.

My sister had Thanksgiving dinner at her boyfriend's house so ended up arriving a little late...and a little full. She asked for small portions. So we gave her small portions.


Pumpkin cheesecake roll from last year (not to make you hungry or anything)


And this is a chocolate crusted peanutbutter pie...with peanut butter cream cheese filling. Um...way too good.


I'm so glad Thanksgiving isn't every day...as in, the meal, because I would get fat.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you too!! And to all of you! Hope you have the best one yet! And I hope I will be posting more pics come Thursday night or Friday!

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Here are my two entries!

First is my brother out in the pasture with two of my family's horses, enjoying just petting them :)


And second are my two babies. Without whom, I would go crazy <3


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Yay! Im thankful for........

my husband and horse...


He loves cooking bacon whenever we are camping :D


My family (part of it at least ;)

L to R- brother, dad, brother, brother, brother and his new wife.


my mom


My dog




apparently my dog loves little black crabs :D

The beach


last but not least!


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My son Wyatt who is thankful for the unconditional love of his dog Tulsa


and my son Ty who is very thankful for his trusting horse Mambo. I think most days she's just as thankful to have them, she loves her boys. If Im riding it doens't amtter what's going on if they are crying she's focused on them!


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And I'm back!

I am thankful for...

My hubby!


My family (My mom with all of her living children, and my hubby who might as well be another child of hers lol)


My mom's parents who are AMAZING people, I LOVE them so much


Silly sisters (Leah, 14, and Joanna, 12, and Hannah, 18)



Doofy brothers (Andrew, 16 and Joshua, 23)



Animals who put up with just about anything we dish out to them (this is our kitten, Smudge with my brother, Andrew)


Music, by which my family gets a lot of enjoyment...I primarily play piano, we all sing, and here I was messing around with my very limited drumming talents, while the girls were playing around with my piano...


And last but not least, amazing food


And it's not a picture, but a video (obviously not an entry lol) of us all singing a Christian song called I Will Rise...we were just messing around after the meal on Thursday!

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I'm thankful for my grand kids, among many other things. Although, I didn't take this picture myself, I decided to post it here because I think it's just plain adorable!

Here are Landon and Raini. Landon is 5 years old, and Raini is 3.


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I love the puppies. Wild Rose your grand kids are darling. Everyones pictures were great and I enjoyed seeing them

I have so much to be thankful for, finding subjects would have been very easy, but I guess I got lazy :mecry: this time

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