What Size Saddle?

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I am looking for an inexpensive but durable leather english saddle. What brands do I stay away from and which ones would be best? I am a 15" in western. What would be my saddle size in english?

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Usually you would add 2 inches to the western seat size, and that should give you an idea. I would try starting with a size 17" english saddle. Just remember, depending on how deep the seat is, how forward the flaps are, all make a difference.

You want to be able to lay you palm flat between the front of your crotch to the front of the pommel, and a hand's width behind you as well. Depending on how long your leg is, you should hopefully have about 2" of saddle flap in front of your knee. If not, you might need a more forward flap to help take up your leg.

What type of riding do you want to do with it?

Avoid Kincade, and no name saddles. You get what you pay for. You might be able to find a nice Crosby Prix de Nations, a lot of people start out with those, and you can find some good deals on the used ones!

Crosby, Barnsby, some people are really liking their Marcel Toulouse, I didn't have good luck with the actual quality of Henri de Rivel (saddle flap color came off in 3 wks, and the brand new bridle wasn't even taken out of the bag, had the color flaking off the browband) - but the saddle fit my hard to fit mare like a glove.

A lot depends on what fits you, and what saddle fits your horse. If you could trailer your horse to a local tack shop, or have them come out with different saddles to try on, that is very helpful.

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