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Depends...I bought a dressage bridle on clearance, and it has been fantastic. Also tried one of their A/0 saddles and a matching bridle - the saddle fit my hard to fit mare like a glove but didn't fit me, plus the color came off the flaps after 3 wks of maybe riding 9 rides. The bridle which didn't even come out of the bag had the color on the browband starting to crack and flake off - Manufacturer defects. They were returned and I got my money back.

So, I'd say the quality is hit or miss. But for $20, I think you will get your money's worth for a least a nice schooling bridle! If it's a 'good' one, it may clean up nicely for shows.

You may have lucked out...looks like you have more of an oakbark color, versus the lighter color I was stuck with. Hope it works out well!

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