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Combined Training Show In Kalispell?

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Hi there, I don't generally post on this forum since I'm more of a dressage kid turned H/J slowly turning back to dressage lol.

Anywho, I have a green pony that I'm training and my coach knows a lot of people in the Kalispell, MT area and wants to take us down there for a combined schooling show held at Majestic Valley Arena on February 26. We're not eventers, but we figured it'd be good experience to get the green bean somewhere new where he can do a low level dressage test and jump a small course and (hopefully) keep his brain intact. We're not doing any cross country stuff, obviously, just Training Level dressage and probably a 2'3'' stadium course.

I was just wondering if there was anyone on the board that was in the area and is going to the show and wanted to say hi/witness the terror of me riding my green pony in his first show ever lol.


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