How Much Grain Do I Feed My Horse?

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Adding concentrates is going to depend upon many factors. What type and how much hay/forage does he get? Where is he at developmentally? What did you buy?

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In the pictures you posted of him on the other thread he looks to be in good condition so he probably doesn't need a whole lot. No matter what don't start with more than 1lb a day and weigh the feed before you give it too him so you know what a 1lb of this feed looks like. You can add more in a few days if needed.

Personaly I do not feed grain to my horses. None of them are working hard enough to need it so their hay alone meets thier requirements just fine. If I were to ad a "grain" to my horses diets I would go with a ration balancer. That way they get all the balanced nutrients they need with out the excess calories.

Just remember feed by wieght not volume.

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Start out slowly with the grain if he hasn't had any grain for awhile! I literally start out with 1 cup (baking cup) and work my way up over a week. I agree that a pound should be just fine for an easy keeper. No need to over-grain your horse, as forage should be his main feed, but nice to provide some nutrients with the grain.

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This is a working document that processes many of the factors that a horse encounters... you will need to change pounds to kilograms...


How you operate the program is simple, yet complicated...

First enter the information on your horse.. then click the link at the top of the page that says "dietary supply", and click new on the box under the feed stuff. you will have a concentrate, forage and mineral/vitamins and high fat feeds. Go through each and select which feed you currently feed. Then make an estimate of what you currently feed (Convert it to kilograms). plug this number next to all the corresponding feed names. Notice at the bottom of the page, the chart changes while you enter numbers in to the Dietary Supply form.

The bottom chart shows how your feed is "Matching up" with your horses needs determined by the first page you filled out.

NOW to see how you know how much to feed...

The animal requirements row is how much your horse needs,

the dietary supply row shows how much your feed provides

and the balance shows how this evens out/(If your feeding enough or not enough)

The DE Mcal column is how much more energy the horse needs (or if the horse is going to be gaining weight)

The amount kg column should be as close to zero as possible.. the rest of the columns are not as crucial to be close to zero.. the Na column will be negative, you are supposed to supplement with a salt block.

Now you need to make estimates and change how much you feed in the Dietary supply chart under amount kg so the bottom chart evens out.

I hope this makes sense.. there is alot of information crammed in this post!

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What kind of grain is it?

Sweet Feed:

Under weight horse: 2-3 cups

Perfect weight horse: 1 - 1 1/2 cups

Over- weight horse: 1/2 - 1 cup

Non-Sweet Feed

Under weight horse: 3-4 cups

Perfect Weight Horse: 1 1/2 - 2 cups

Over Weight Horse: 1 - 1 1/2 cup

Good luck with your Paso !

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