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I'd rather have my pants be too short than have to hem EVERY SINGLE PAIR I own!!! haha I am only 4'10" so pants are something I HATE shopping for!!!

NO YOU WOULDN'T, trust me! This is a pet peeve of mine. Short people don't understand how hard us tall people have it. Hemming is something that you can actually DO. you can't just MAGICALLY ADD LENGTH to your jeans. And even if you can't get to the tailor yet or something, you can at least roll them up! There's nothing you can do to pants that are too short to make them look right! Nothing at all!

I'm 6' tall and since I'm thin even the XLong lengths in my size are never long's HARD to find 37" inseams. I'd give just about ANYTHING to be able to pick up virtually any pair of pants and then just chop some off and then they would fit at least moderately right. I'll trade you. Shopping for me is worse - I promise.

(Plus, virtually the only places that DO make 37" inseams charge upwards of $100 a pair for them. I can't afford that crap!)

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