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Well we decided last year to breed one of our mares this year. DB Tina Poco aka Rina is our 94% NFQH heterozygous Smokey Grullo. She has only had two foals and her last foal was a really good looking 2009 filly. I know she had a colt for her first foal. So far 50/50 for gender.

We are breeding her via AI this May to the stallion Hesa Perty Jay who is Homozygous Grullo if you would like to see him and some of his foals check out DynaCare horse ranch

So this is Rina in case you haven't seen her before.



Last Years Mother's Day Ride:

My mom and my Aunt Debby are riding her.



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You are going to have a beautiful foal! cannot wait to see it!!!! good luck and happy/healthy foal vibes!!!!

We are breeding Candy for a first horse for my fiancee. He has no idea the foal will be his.


baby pic:





daddy: Sons Doctor AKA Doc


Candy with the foal she lost due to unknown reasons back in 2008


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I'm breeding my QH this spring as well! She is Strawberry Cooler and the stallion is Skip Integrity.

She's a slightly roaned chestnut and he's a sabino palomino.... Baby will either be palomino or chestnut with a bunch of chrome! I'm happy either way :yahoo:

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I might breed my mare Amber this year. She's 21, has had 3 foals, has a stellar show record in the NCHA and the AQHA, is a granddaughter of Doc Bar and a great-granddaughter of Gay Bar King. This is Amber:


And this is who I am thinking of breeding her to:


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In the end of April I will be breeding my mare KayCee.



She will be breed to the APHA/AQHA stallion The Ultimate Fancy



I am hoping for a full registered APHA/AQHA filly. This will be my first foal in 6 years. I already have our show schedule for the first three years all planned out.

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Looks like you guys have some nice mares being bred, should be an great season next year.

this year I'm not breeding as early as this winter weather with foal is not fun, plans are for 4 possibly 5 not sure yet.

My SPB mare PP No Chip Marks will be bred later this month (was covered today, March 10th would be due mid feb but since she's gone 10 days late and 40 days late, who knows when she'll actually be due if she takes,. pic of her with her filly this year at 1 day old.


show condition


after my other paint mare Scenics Jackpot foals this spring we'll breed again if all goes well


Foaling did go well :)

and she was rebred on foal heat, here's hoping for a repeat of this years filly


and my QH mares will also be bred

Dox Best Punkin also waiting till after she foals, this year she's bred to a QH stud. due early May.


foaled nice qh filly and also was rebred on foal heat to our paint stud Kid.


and Sophies Taylor Made (now vet checked in foal due March 2013)


possibly my husbands mare Boston (perch x Paint), she produced a nice grullo colt last year for us.


also covered outside mares APHA and TB so will be a few Kids Kids around next year.

all would be bred to my stud Coosas Calico Kid, in my signature pics below.

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Well I *was* going to breed my Spanish Arab to an adorable Section B Welsh stallion...for a registered German Riding Pony

But I'm having a HECK of a time getting her papers. Ugh!!!! And I don't want to do it until I for sure have those papers in my hand, because if I don't then the foal wouldn't get the level of registration I want at the keuring.

This is the would-be mom - Khalina


and here is the wanna-be sire Smoke Tree Snapdragon



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If the foal I get this year from Spiffy and Drifter is a good one, I will be breeding her back to him for a foal next year. Right now, she is about a month away from having this baby.

Drifter will also be bred to a Grey QH mare this year for a foal next year. Sassy, the mare, will be here May 19th and stay for 1 to 2 weeks.

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My mare is due next March 2013 too!

Yall have some really great lookin horses!!!

I dont actually get possession of mine til next month early... Pretty excited...Lol

I gotta get em cleaned up a bit but hopefully soon I can post some better pics

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We will be breeding Thor to my Bay tobiano mare





The last time we crossed the two we got


and I am thinking of crossing him with my mountain horse mare, for another spotted saddle horse foal.


The last time we crossed these two we got


and we will also be crossing my AQHA mare to Champion Reiner Hold That Cow


My mare Peps Hollywood Dunet


I will be excited for next spring!


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I love hold that cow!!!

Well I'm doing a breeding =] Hopefully Late this Month(May)

Mare- Munez Queen Phoebe http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/munez+queen+phoebe

Stallion- Little Bit Of Smarts http://www.allbreedpedigree.com/little+bit+of+smarts

Hoping to get a cutting fool of a horse when all is said and done!!!

And yes.. I let the cat out of the bag early.... But I sent off the stallion booking fee, mare lease agreement, and stallion papers today so it's official enough for me! lol Thank you ColoredCowHorse!!! She is the owner of the mare I am going to be leasing. She'll take great care of the mare while she's in foal and handle the foal for me untill it's weaned. Get some manners in place since I'm not extremely experienced with weanlings. VERY excited and conception hasn't even happened yet LOL :happy0203:

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You are quite welcome Brandee.....I think you are going to get an awesome foal. Mom is a double bred Docs Hickory and dad is a Smart Little Lena son out of the dam of Chiquita Pistol, the only mare to win the NCHA Triple Crown.....that should be a very nice baby.

I'm breeding several of my mares this year to a young stallion I have here for his first season. He's a liver chestnut homozygous tobiano son of Reserve world champion, Delta Promise (by world champion/multiple world champion sire Delta O'Lena, a Doc O'Lena son out of the first Paint in the NCHA hall of fame, Delta....also the dam of a Superstakes winner, Delta Flyer...out of a daughter of cutting great Peppy San Badger..and her dam was by Nu Bar, full brother to Docs Haida, Boon Bar, Docs Remedy, Cal Bar, Doc Bar Gem and another couple of good cutting/reined cowhorses). His dam is a daughter of Dots Nu King, exported to Brazil and a full brother to two time world ch Gay Bar O'Lena, also by Delta O'Lena, out of a Nu Bar daughter out of a Gay Bar King mare. He has only two lines to color and both are through Delta. I can live with this. He's being bred to Smoken Boo Jac, a black tobiano mare leased to a gal in Canada, daughter of res world champion QT Poco Streke out of a daughter of Mr Barbie Cody Jac (half brother to Hollywood Dun It on top, out of a half sister to TopSail Cody). He'll also be bred to HR Smiles Doll, a bay solid, a producing daughter of Doc Doll out of a Freckles Playboy daughter and her second dam, Bardoc O'Lena, placed 8th at the NCHA futurity and is a full sister to Travelena (Superstakes winner) and Quanaholena, finalist at the NCHA fut. and derby. And to my HZ tobiano granddaughter of Smart Little Pistol (out of a Lenas Diamond Chex, Doc Doll, Mr Gunsmoke mare) for a chestnut HZ tobiano foal. And maybe a few others....like the Strait From Texas daughter out of a daughter of Boon Bar (her dam and the dam of Peptoboonsmal are half sibs). Gonna be some fun babies around here next spring!

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:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

Pret Te Cool Gal






Is bred to...

Shappas King

(Ice's daddy)

(posted with stallion owners permission)





Oh! And already confirmed!



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Should be a palomino, buckskin, or smoky black! After Ice and his amazingness I can't wait to see the outcome with Diva added to the mix! .....though I think this was her first time with live cover... from the stories.. LOL Poor Diva!

and lol Eski! Phoenix is Ice's buddy! Two of them took so well to each other it's cute, though Ice certainly keeps him in line. Like the wonderful babysitter he is!

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Well I have one mare who I am breeding to my boy. I will be doubling up My Mares botton side by breeding a half sister to Her sisters son/nephew.....<scratching head> LOL

Her name is Slady Jet out of Tomorrows Angel and a Pines Easterjet son Kosoji so this mare is the studs half aunt.


The Stud is "" a Solid AAA racing QH with a who's who in the horse racing industry both TB and QH bloodlines.





I am really excited about this pairing since I have both of them and raised them all their lives.

There is just something special about those who work years to selectively breed just a couple horses at a time, prove at least one of them then breed them to better and better studs. When you are on a limited budget....you have to try to make the right choices...sometimes you fail....ok many times you fail because that pairing did not work....fast but a bit mental...And the smart ones were so pretty...you think, they must be slow...no one could get the whole package.....it finally came with Jasper, he proved you can fly....be smart.....and be easy on the eye as well. I feel so blessed to have this special boy in my life.

He maybe no Secretariate.....but he carries the X-factor Large heart gene and has a heart score of 20 (with echo.

I love my boy have since the day he hit open air. He literally is my Dream Horse.

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