Opinions On 11 Month Old Colt-Pics!

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Hi. I hope I'm posting this in the right place.

First of all, I live in Israel, so the quality of sporthorse is not great. I found this colt & I've only seen one filly nicer in the 4 years I've been here. He is 11 months old & big. He must stand around 15hh already. His sire is a Friesian from the Netherlands but I don't have his name. A large, modern nice stallion with a fabulous temperament. His dam is a tall paint mare which could do with more length of rein & is too straight behind. Other than that, a pretty mare. However, yearlings are my blind spot for conformation. I've had foals & 2 year olds up but I've always avoided yearlings. He doesn't look like a yearling though, the 3 quarter Friesian colt in the photos with him is the same age & looks it.

Any opinions & helpful photos on his eventual build, stamp etc would be much appreciated. Here is his album. The first 40 or so pics. .


The standing pics at the end do not do him justice, please don't use them for conformation judging

I want to use him for riding out, driving & local shows but I will be keeping him entire (not for breeding though) as I have the facilities & experience.

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Nice uphilll movement, nice gentle face, good open shoulder, bad pics tho!! Beautiful colour :) Neck is a bit high set on? But fresians are like that anyhow. and goose rump but hopefully he will fill into it. Upright pasterns and boxy feet, but overall I think he's really tops!! Is the Fresian pictured his dad? Beautiful! What sort of dog is that in the picture with the nice looking bay horse?

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