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I think it's time to have a post on past HC babies as it is that time of year again!!! see how everyone has grown and matured

I've had 3 foals since I've been on HC.

Candy, 2005 model out of my mare "Lady" still own her and love her! she is going to be bred this year for my fiancees' first horse.

Remember when?



as a 3 year old





Rockit, 2005 model, sold and is now a pack horse. wish I never got rid of him.




Romeo, 2008 model, RIP. was Rockit and Candys' love child.


Add yours!!! how are they doing?!! :happy0203:

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BabiGirl, I remember them very well. Candy is gorgeous!!! She will have another stunning foal, for sure. Too bad you sold Rockit. He was nice. And Romeo looked like a little sweetheart, so sad that you lost him. He would have been a looker now.

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Since no one else has added I will.

Here's Dude as a newborn


At 2 with his 3rd time wearing a saddle and wearing the snaffle bit I've rode him with twice.


And now, less then a week before his 3rd Birthday!


I'll have a new one to add come the end of May/begining of June. :happy0203:

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Good idea, Jamie!

I don't own her anymore (sold her when she turned 2 to some great friends of the family in Minnesota) but here is Sheza Superior Remedy AKA Remedy/Remi. She was my old mare Serenity's May 30, 2008 filly. For those who don't remember, I named her Remedy because she was my "remedy" after losing Goldie's two foals in 2004 and 2006.

Remedy as a newborn filly with her dam Serenity:


Sweet newborn face


A few days old (and clean)




Almost 2 year old


I will try to get her owners to send me some more recent pictures as she is now coming 4! I try to see her every time I visit my parents in Minnesota. Remedy will always have a special place in my heart and it killed me to sell her but it was something I had to do for my family.

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awwe! thanks for sharing pix guys! love them babies!!!!!

Heather- you will have to post more for sure

Lexi- I am sooooooo glad u finally got a healthy and perfect baby. i hope someday you will be able to have horses again!

Can't wait for my foal next year! will be posting baby pix of Geralds colts when they get here. he's having 2-3!

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Thanks Jamie! The plan is to get back into horses someday but not sure if that will be during Connor's childhood or when he grows up and I suffer from empty nest syndrome LOL. At least for now I get to visit Goldie whenever I want and ride her! She has an awesome owner!

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Here is the latest pic i have of Knight aka Von Percival my friesian sport horse. He is has a couple of rides and is a total pocket pony lol. I really think he resembles the horse in my siggy more and more ahhhh the vision of my dream horse! He is everything i ever wanted! Love my Knight!


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