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It depends on what your definition of "cheap" is. Generally, you get what you pay for, especially when you buy new.

That said, you can get some real deals if you know what you want and what your horse needs, and if you buy quality. I sell saddles on ebay - I started out by selling saddles I wasn't using, and had enough success that I ended up selling some spare saddles my friends had, and eventually some that I bought at local tack swaps. Tack swaps are great and a lot of 4H groups and Pony Clubbers have tack swaps in the spring to help pay for their show season. There are some real deals out there. I've gotten quality name-brand saddles (Crosby, Crump, Stubben) for as low as $25 and $50 - they had good, solid trees and needed only minimal repair and a lot of cleaning. More often, though, I've bought/sold quality saddles, both western and english in the $200-$500 range on ebay.

I also joined a few tack swap pages of Facebook. Those are a great way to network - a lot of people swap saddles outright, while others like to be able to advertize both what they have for sale and what they want to buy on the same page. When people post "wanted" saddle posts on the FB pages, they usually get 3-5 offers of saddles that may fit their needs within a few hours.

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Dover has a closeout section with some very gently used and almost new saddles for extremely reduced prices. I just got a Pessoa jumping saddle for like $600 off. if you are looking for some nicer saddles I would start there, they had a pretty good selection of tack a few weeks ago.

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