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Coming Out Of The Woodwork...

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Hey guys! I couldn't remember my login or any of that, but I used to be LittleBlackHorse most recently... I really miss HC but I have been SOO busy!

Last I remember posting, I had bought a welsh mare named Malibu. Well, she didn't really work out for what I had wanted to do, and she sold in January to a fantastic family in Georgia. I moved barns around the same time after my long-time home barn shut down and the manager moved away. It was kind of sad, but Logan and I are very happy where we ended up!

Logan has been doing amazing. I showed him for the first time in 2 years just a few weeks ago, and he was reserve champion in the 2'6" open hunter division. He's just such a great guy. Since I don't have another horse or pony right now, I've only been riding him and I can't believe I had tried to retire him. He still has so much spunk and is butt wild and still five years old at heart! He turns 24 at the end of April, but he still gallops around the jump field and bucks and acts like a jerk. (;

My biggest news is that since November, I've been showing with Amber Hill Farm and Emma Mandarino. I rode with them for the first time at the Atlanta Fall Classic AA. I showed both weeks and had a blast! Emma is so sweet, their ponies are fantastic, and everyone in the whole Amber Hill family is amazing. Just a couple weeks ago, I went down and stayed with them at Quiet Hill in Ocala and showed at HITS Ocala. I showed Grand View Starlette in the Medium Green Ponies and was 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th out of 12/13 incredibly famous pony kids. It was amazing showing against Maddie Schaefer, Ashton Alexander, and Devin Seek, among others. Starlette was fantastic and I had so much fun. I can't wait to do it again soon. (:

Other than horsey stuff, I have an amazing boyfriend (of 3 months at midnight tonight!) who has really made a huge difference in my life. I met him in August when school started and we've been a matched set ever since. And the most exciting non-horsey news is that my first Prom is Thursday! Yayayayay!

Alright well I'm done rambling, but here are some pictures in case anyone was wondering. (:

Ribbon wall at Atlanta, r-l Me, Alicia, Emma, and Devon


Children's Pony Classic from Atlanta on Page Six


Modeling Honorable at Atlanta


Got a catch ride for a hack class on Church Mouse in Atlanta!


Modeling Starlette at HITS Ocala


Over fences with Starlette at HITS


Showing Logie locally and him being adorable <333


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Your ponies are one of my favorite things to fb stalk. Conyers is only like an hour away from me, whether I'm at home or at school so you have to let me know if you ever show there again!

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Welcome back! It's good to see an update from you. The ponies look super nice and Logan looks awesome!

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