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My Friend's Horse Had Her Baby!

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So last night my friend texted me to say her mare was waxing quite a bit. I went to the barn later in the evening and looked and she was waxing a LOT. Figured baby would be on it's way any day. Her belly had been dropping steadily the past week so we knew she was getting close.

This morning the barn owner woke up to a brand new baby filly!

So I've been bouncing all day at work waiting for 4:30 to come so I can bolt out to see her. :jump: (Since the mare was unexpectedly pregnant and my friend doesn't know a lot about babies yet, I've assumed myself as the official godmother/aunt of the baby lol)






Nap! :happy0203:

Momma is doing great. She's very protective right now so we're keeping our distance, which is SO hard because I just want to give the baby a kiss on her wittle nose. Ack. I can't stop talking in baby talk. :duh:

So now we need to come up with a name! My friend was thinking Scarlett. The dam's registered name is Big Diamond, barn name is Ruby. Sire is Sweep Em, barn name Zoom. He's a racing QH.


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:yahoo: What a cutie may the baby have a good and very happy life may she/he want for nothing and become the horse God's meant her/him to be!! may lameness never plague the baby and much joy she will bring to all who come to know her/him. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:!

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Nice looking little girl!! Scarlet sounds like a wonderful name. She's so cute!!!!

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