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You really don't think so? Boo and here I thought I'd had an epiphany, haha! I dearly wish her breeder had kept a phone number or address or SOMETHING in her records for the stallion, I am so flipping curious!

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I haven't updated this in a while! I need new riding pictures...we had an epiphany (one of many...I am learning so much from her.) And I hope our work is looking as good as it feels, comparatively... The left lead is still faster and more unbalanced than the left, but it is no longer quite so angry, and we are actually GETTING that lead now. I can't wait for my next lesson; it's been a while. The last one was a frustrating ride, and the one after that, we had to forgo our ride, because she heard me say "clinic with Cathy" so she colicked. (I'm still stunned. My big healthy girl!)

So here are some from our playdate last week.

So majestic, til you look at her face. lol.



Her eye was a little irritated; she has seen the vet, been stained, nothing there, so she's just getting topical antibiotics in it and it looks much better. Wish she'd keep her flymask on.


Performing airs


She, umm....well she DID lose weight during her colic episode. *scratches head*




Love her


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