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Horse Growth Time Line With Pics

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I always think it?s cool to see how horses change over time. Especially when you buy that awkward looking yearling, and hope and pray they will turn out to be something you can be proud of.

Well this is Tipper. I bought him back in 2009 as a long yearling and my first horse and training project. He is an Appendix QH (1/4 TB) of no particular breeding but he has made the starts of one heck of a gaming horse and is my best bud. Which is just what I wanted.

The last 2 pictures are of his parents.

If anyone else has a time line of their foal growing up, post it! I am sure I am not the only one how would love to see.

Sales ad pic as a weanling? Maybe just coming a yearling?


Long Yearling


2 Year Old


3 Year Old


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Here's the change in one of mine just from his 3 to 4 year old years.

His sale photo as a 3-year-old


When I first got him as a 3-year-old.


That fall


His sale photo when I sold him as a 4-year-old


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Here is my mare that I got as a long 2yo. I was there a few days after she was born though. I rode her Dam while she was pregnant with her and she is turning out to be a wonderful little horse. If I can lose the weight I need to I'll be a perfect fit on her and she will eventually be my daughter's horse when she gets older.

This is Chant's Paintd Fantasy aka Fantasy aka Fanta...

About a week old or so


With her Dam


yearling head shot, not that good


2yo awkward body shot


2yo beautiful head shot


2 1/2yo first time saddled


And now as a 3yo turning 4 in July who has only been backed twice since she is very slow growing.


I don't know what my plans are officially for her. But when she is loose running in the field she has a great little hunter build, but I'm obviously a barrel racer. I've ridden English but it isn't my fave. But if that is what she excels in I will be taking lessons. She should be a great trail horse no matter what as I like to let any horse have a life outside and to explore. I figure by the time she is fully trained she will be the perfect horse for my 2.5yo daughter. Both will have to prove themselves though. But the 2 times I've been on Fantasy she is supple and willing and very steady and we've been doing slow easy ground up starting and she has taken to it like it was nothing and wants more. So I'm hopeful for her.

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I also have a mini mare that I bought at 18 days old. We brought her home at 4 months and have been infatuated ever since. She is already my daughters favorite horse but she is def MINE! Before we brought her home I went to the breeders at least once a week if not more to play and help work with her so I have plenty of pics of her too. She is the same age, she just turned 4 in April.

Her name is Baydream Fire Diamond Juno aka JuneBug

Here she is at 17 days old our first meeting


Same day


A couple months old


3 months old


4 Months old when we brought her home


Her first winter so roughly 7 months


I'll be doing more in the next post

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JuneBug's long yearling summer


2yo summer


And now as a 4yo with my toddler on her. I swear mini's are born broke!


She has been on our farm since she was 4 months old and she will be with me til the day she is layed to rest. Even if I have to claim her as a Great Dane! After I lost my big Bay gelding I barrel raced on she is is the closest thing to him I have ever found. She was even born the day after him only 33 years later. Ed was still alive and well when she was born and he was finally put down 2 years later and I still can't get over the loss of him. But she helps in so many ways. I owned her mom for a brief period but she didn't work out for what I wanted so I sold her back to the breeder.

Sorry for the huge photo bomb on my two girls but they are my forever horses since becoming an adult and I can't imagine not having them.

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