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My Husband Is Learning What It's Like To Work With Girls!

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A good learning experience I think!!

He hires, trains, and is in charge of all of these interns in a ag. company.

He's never really worked with girls, ever. Working with farmers and crop companies.

Well 2 of his interns are college girls. (it sounds kinda dirty when I type it..ha )

He ordered them pretty expensive work shirts, nike polos with 2 crop company logos.

He asked their sizes. All the girls said small (of course!). He told me the one he didn't think was a small but didn't want to offend her and got the small.

This is the first week of training and the girl just came up to him and said the shirts don't fit her. hahah

I told him from the start just get her a med. and tell her they ordered it wrong!

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I found the title of your thread interesting. I wish your husband well as dealing with these young female interns, I'm sure he'll grow to really enjoy them over time, as they will present some different challenges over time. But he will also find out that in many ways, harder workers & stay on task better than some young men of the same age. I spent my life working as cargiver to people, a job where I was either the only man, or one of a few men in surrounded by a group of women. I also raised two daughters & have 3 grandaughters, plus I have a interest that is domanated by women, been on trail rides where I was the only man, & I was riding a mare. So I've grown to love females, but treasure the company of men. Best Wishes to your husband. PD

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