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Could You Please Vote For Me?

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i feel silly asking for this, but i REALLY want to win this!

im preggo with my first baby [a little girl] and i entered to win a maternity photo shoot by a local military spouse [as am i]. i need you all to LIKE her FB page [and while you're at it, go like my picture!] and then go to her blog and click on the "mommy to be" page, and scroll down, and comment that you're voting for me. [my name is ashley niemann adams] make sure you say my first/last name because there are two ashleys.


you can vote TWICE...once on FB, and once on her blog. [in the girl in the striped tank top, not the one showing her belly for all to see...

it's a two step process. go to and click "like" [it'll be near the right hand side of the page under her picture]. then go to her blog and click on the "mommy to be" post, and scroll down, and "comment" that you're voting for ME [ashley adams]... there's two of us Ashley's on there so make sure you say my name!

you can ALSO click "like" on my picture on her FB page to help me out!

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