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My Pony Is Back Home After 3 Years!

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Forgotten how much I love this mare.

Honestly. Yes, she's a fat gassy typical welsh....but she's just amazing to me. I'm so happy she's back home xx

[ignore the camera's wrong lol!]










And showing the old girl can still extend like a 5 year old ;)


<3 <3 <3 Didn't realise how much I missed her. Got to get used to each other again, but it hardly feels like we've been apart in all honesty.

Sorry, Soppy post!!!!! xxx

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Aw.. good for you. My mare has had quite a few years off just being a pasture ornament. I'm bringing her back now and I'm loving it! She remembers everything and is working WITH me again.

So I completely know how your feeling. Good for you... :) shes a cutie for sure!

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She's been on lease for the past 3 years, she's been out and about competing with a young teen who had slightly different....but just so great to have her back with me again now. :D :D :D Good luck with your one too!

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Thankyou :D

I took her down to down to a friends yard to use their arena today, as decided I'd have a little jump on her. [i've not jumped 'properly' in a year or so now, other than a few XC jumps for sale advert photos on a couple of horses etc, nor have had anything with 'talent' jumping for the past 2 years now!]

One word. AMAZING!

I did one starter jump on her, little cross pole, then that was it...I degressed to 6 years back and turned into a silly teenager again on her hahaha! Straight up to the top and flying it, no worries, no fear! Which for me....well, never happens lol. It could only go up 3'3ish as only had the little wings and she't not as fit as I thought she was - whether me weighing that much more than the young girl who had her is taking some getting used to....but next time WILL be going bigger lol!!!

Photos to follow at some point....too many on computer lol.

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