My Heart Just Melted

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Last year I taught a little six-year-old girl riding lessons on my older pony Peanut. She was a super bright kid who adored my 25 year old, hairy, arthritic and fat pony more than anything else in the world. Unfortunately she had to stop lessons due to financial reasons (father wasn't paying child support) and Peanut foundering.

Since then Peanut has become sound for riding and is nearly back at a healthy weight, but sadly I have very little time to give her the love she needs. I had told the mom of the student that they were welcome to come back at any time, but we lost touch over the past year.

Today I was walking back to work after lunch when the mom came bursting out of a store after seeing me walk past. She asked if her daughter could just come to the stable even just to groom Peanut and hang out. Apparently every night the little girl says her prayers and always includes a "and God bless Peanut, wherever she is! Please let me see her again some day!" Despite all the other sports and activities she's involved in, she asks her mom when she gets to see Peanut again. The mom had lost my number so when she saw me, she said she just had to chase me down.

I was just so touched by that, it was just too adorable and sweet. When I was 14, Peanut taught me everything about riding. I was a super arrogant brat who thought I knew it all and she was always there to knock me down a couple of pegs, whether it was ditching me in a field or "forgetting" how to jump at a show, she made sure I remembered to ride every step of the way. She also took me for the fastest gallops along the river bottom and dove right into the water on a hot day without a question.

Anyway, I told the mom she can bring the daughter out any time she wants just to hang out with Peanut for as long as they want. I think they're going to enrol her in lessons again this fall, which is super exciting! I wish all kids were that sweet. :smilie:

Just thought I'd share!


God bless all the saintly ponies! :angel3:

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Oh, that is just wonderful, and heart warming. I hope my pony Jedi will be as good with my grand daughter, Raini. Raini is 4 years old and has been riding Jedi quite a bit. I'm holding the lead, of course. Jedi is also a saint with least now. Hopefully he'll be as good when she rides without me holding the lead!

Hugs to Peanut and his little rider! :huggy: :huggy:

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What a blessing Peanut has been in your life and this little girls.

God heard her prayers and placed you in her mother's sight.

Using a tissue and filling it with happy tears.



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