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Just A Few Sage Pictures

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Hello everyone, well this evening I thought I'd spend some time with Sage. It's cooling off and she hasn't been hanging in the barn all the time anymore. I brushed her and fed her one of the bales I brought from Montana. She was happy with that. I took some pictures of her and the mule across from her.

I have a job interview tomorrow morning so I'm hoping all goes well.

Thank you for looking.

Head Shot.


Weird Angle.


Head Shot Again.


Watching A Deer In A Field.


Not Caring For The Game We Are Playing. lol




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Thank you.

I really do like it here. The first week I arrived, the humidity and heat was definitely unusal to me. It's cooled off and it feels like home to me. The mornings are nice an crisp need a sweatshirt. lol I think it's beautiful in it's own way.

There aren't any mountains but lots of trees, rolling hills and green grass. I've killed two trantulas, almost ran over some shiney black snake. I'm going to have to search more on the snakes and spiders here. I do like it though.

I've found quite a few ACTHA rides around here so I'm thinking of trying that out. I still need to poke around and find some arenas and hopefully people to ride with.

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Sage looks like she's settling in very nicely. She's so beautiful!!! The snake you almost hit was probably a black rat snake. They are harmless, and great killers of rodents. Nice looking mule too. ETA: Hope you get the job.

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