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Popping In For A Update!

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Guess I'll type up a update first and then I'll share some photos!

- Most of you know that I had a huge problem when my son was born, the placenta quit working 2 weeks before he was born, doctor didn't catch it till I went in to be induced. Anyways, after a emergency c-section, a jet ride for Ryder to Denver NICU, him not breathing at birth, and only weighing 5 lbs. 11 oz. and me getting out of the hospital 3 days before I was supposed to.... Ryder is now a happy, healthy 19 pound 7 month old baby!!! He is crawling and trying to sit up on his own! He is everything I wished for and I love him so much!

- Brandon and I are doing great, had plenty of amazing road trips this summer, didn't get to spend as much time riding as I would of liked :( but oh well....

- my mom us waiting to find out if she has cancer or not so please keep her and us in your thoughts and prayers please!

- Promise went to the trainer finally and did okay. She reared and went over on the ground, never reared undersaddle but I think I am unconsciously scared of her.... I've only ridden her a handful of times since she came back... so I am thinking about getting rid of her someone else can enjoy her!

- Bella is doing amazing... I rode her a few times after I could ride again after the c section, it took awhile before my stomach could handle all the bouncing lol Bella acted like she had been ridden every day since she came back from the trainer!

- everyone else is doing great... I think I am going to sell Lady and find another riding horse this coming spring!

We also got a new puppy for Ryder :) He loves her and she loves him too! it is sweet!

Okay how about some pictures?!

Ryder when he was first born-


about 3 months old-



about 6 months old-





Ryder and his puppy Willow



Bat baby!


more coming!

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The last one of my lil cowboy










my lil family on my 22nd bday


our new car


Willow- our new puppy!


riding Promise for the first time-


me and Sheba at our first barrel race since baby..... we placed 3rd in 4d which was pretty good I thought for not doing it in so long!


ok that's it!!! Enjoy!

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:happy0203: I'm glad I can keep up with you on FB too. LOVE LOVE LOVE watching Ryder grow! He is so precious! The pics are look AT HOME in the saddle girl! Your horses look awesome. Of course, Ryder steals the show though!

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