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Heidi n Q

Reina Has Arrived!

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Looks like roughly 3200mi +/- traveled. Each person kept track of their mileage and other members who couldn't haul yet wanted to contribute donated money that was split among the drivers according to their mileage.

We are having gusty winds today and my friend stopped by to meet her and agreed to handle the camera. Here we are today:




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I am so beyond tickled that this sweet, regal lady finally found her way to your place!

As one of the members who couldn't haul, I did contribute a layover for both horse and driver; MondaesMom hauled and spent the night with Ron and I, while Reina stayed in Skipper's old corral:




Talking to Snickers:


Saying Goodbye to Snickers:


Off on her next leg of her journey:


I don't know if everyone involved in this journey east is still on HC or not but they should pipe in with their photos if they are!

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It seems as though I missed quite the story on this gorgeous girl!!! Anybody want to link me to the back story(ies?)

A member in WA was musing on amother board that she had a 'older' mare that would like a better climate. Some one else thought Heidi was a perfect match, and asked her about it. A little give and take happened. Some one else mentioned that Tazzin was taking a trailer to CO and if the mare could meet up with her, that would be a goodly distance already being travelled and members of the other board gave of their time, petrol, feed/pastures and money to get Reina from WA to Ga over the course of a month.

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(((hugs))) You are so very welcome! As I was preparing the envelope for your charm, I thought of Kenzie and decided to include her, too.

heidi =^..^=

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