Nikki Livermore

Why A Pony For Christmas Might Be A Bad Idea

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LOL! I got a pony for Christmas when I was 8. It was dark outside when he was delivered and he was black so my dad brought him in the house so that we could see hime better. that was the beginning of the end!

I have numerous pictures of that pony in the house, upstairs even!

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My mom and dad got me a pony for my 4th birthday (long long time ago). She was a yearling so she was not too big. I was sick at the time so they brought her into the house so I could see. She was the best. Had her for 28 years. My boys learned to ride on her.

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A friend asked me to write a poem for her back in December of '97. I told her it doesn't work that way... you have to have something going on in your brain about a subject. Then I learned that her 10-year-old son had gotten a POA mare the first week of December. I decided to write a poem for him. Western Horseman magazine published it in the December issue of 2003. It goes like this:


She came with all that snow, just a couple weeks ago

The finest gift a young boy ever had

And what a happy day, a pretty POA

An early Christmas present from his dad

And promises were made, mind your mother, get good grades

If there's chores to do, be sure to do your share

There's much that must be learned, and respect that must be earned

To prove that you deserve this little mare

When all the snow is gone, and springtime's coming on

You can ride a trail, she'll be your closest friend

She'll listen, but not scold, keep the secrets that are told

And stick with you until the bitter end

And someday, at a show, your mother's heart will glow

As you ride into the ring and show no fear

You'll stand there in the sun with the ribbon that you won

As she smiles and quickly sheds a happy tear

And when at last you've grown, and you go out on your own

And you're a trainer, or a roper full of pride

Keep a level attitude, and show some gratitude

To your folks, who had the sense to let you ride

For when you are a man, it's then you'll understand

The value of these young days, free and wild

As every horseman knows, there's a circle to be closed

Go out and buy a pony for your child

(all rights reserved)

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I never had a pony, only big horses, but i found one for my niece and nephew for christmas. I was prewarned by Sayge that Rocketman will come in the house and even down the stairs to a basement. He hasn't had a chance yet but he has such a naughty little face I could just see him trying to sneak in.

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